Learn Korean through Tasty Treats 24: Bungeoppang

If you are someone who dies for cute things, this pie is just for you! Bungeoppang is a pastry stuffed with sweet red bean paste. What makes it special is it’s super adorable fish shape 🐟
👩‍🏫 Nobody knows when it started getting popular on the street. But nowadays, it became one of the old beloved favorites among Koreans
💁🏻‍♀️This winter, how about visiting Korea and get 3 fishes” for ₩1000 (~$0.90), tasting the street vibe of Korea?
☀️Seoul Box features an even cuter version of this snack in our September box! Covered with sponge cake and filled with chocolate & red bean rice cake, our little Bungeoppang will transport you to a delicious market in Seoul
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