Meet These 3 Cute Goodies In Your SeoulBox: BT21, Kakao Friends & DyDyCIty

Meet These 3 Cute Goodies In Your SeoulBox: BT21, Kakao Friends & DyDyCIty

You'll know that. Every month, SeoulBox features 4-5 super adorable goodies, including BT21, Kbeauty treat and SeoulBox merch. What will you get in this month's Idol SeoulBox? We're featuring 5 iconic goodies, but first meet these 3 epic merch.


1. BT21 Circle Sticky Memo

It's a round sticky note featuring BT21 characters, who are aspiring to become a world star (or already are). As always, we're only dealing with official BT21 merch made in Korea. We were able to secure this premium goody thanks to our new partnership with Monopoly, an official stationery partner of BT21 and LineFriends.

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2. Kakao Friends Space Emblem Sticker

Take an adventure to the space! Kakao Friends, the beloved characters of Kakao Talk, are now expanding their realm to the cosmos. When you receive it, you'll soon notice a real cool hologram coating around the badge. From Ryan constellation background to silver layer, enjoy the state-of-the-art details and work put in this goody.

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3. DyDyCity Kpop Edition


There's only one of this in the world; it literally is. Made in an exclusive collaboration with DyDyCity, a cute fantasy city of Korea, this postcard brings you to a shiny, noisy concert hall of Korea. 3 DyDyCity characters perform cool idol songs. Let's enjoy the Kpop vibe together!

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