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The most-awaited project which has now finally come into existence, let's give a warm welcome to the two new members of our Seoulbox family!

Seoulbox Family

Here at Seoulbox, we always make sure to curate each box with lots of love so that our beloved Seoulmates experience a cute little piece of Korea through Seoulbox. We recently had new members joining our family!

They help bring the best of us through protecting snacks or doing tons of research on Korea.



Speaking of which, we have this fantastic project of bringing out these two members and introducing them to you all!

Meet these two cute little bundles of joys who took the department of Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V each. 

Hold on! You need to know a little more about them before giving them a warm welcome since they may feel shy meeting their dream partner, you - Seoulmate!

Say "Hi" to:

  • HOYA – Snack protector hedgehog for the Signature box

Seoulbox Character Hoya
  • KHUN – Curious raccoon for the V box

Seoulbox character Khun

Let’s go deep dive into their personalities!

Meet our precious and affectionate Veggie friend!


Khun is a healthy and purr-fect match who loves vegetarian dishes! It's because he always takes care of animal friends.

He is also a complete Social Media addict and loves to show off Seoulbox V on Instagram and FaceBook.

Khun is a fighter and makes sure no one can mess around! Khun loves to connect with others, planning out outdoor events, and being supportive of family members!

Seoulbox member Khun

Here's some TMI (Too much information): 

Bias: our Jisoo from Blackpink

Favorite Kpop Group: Mamamoo

Favorite Food: Doenjang Jjigae

Favorite Ice Cream: Peach Ice Lolly!

Favorite Snack: Choco Almonds

Meet our Snack Protector and The Bravest Girl!


Meet Hoya, a complete goofball who shall protect your snacks from all those things that could give trouble!

Hoya loves having a new concept and theme every month to surprise people. Hence she has an excuse to have all kinds of snacks!

Please don’t be angry with her when Hoya sometimes tends not to be punctual; in fact, the adorable snack protector is busy collecting the best bites for you! Hoya is a little clumsy as she always carries a big pile of snacks.

Seoulbox member Hoya

Discover some TMI:

Bias: Doyoung from NCT

Favorite Kpop Group: Shinee

Favorite Food: Kimbap

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint choco

Favorite Snack: Sour candy!

With the new members added to our Seoulbox family we are pretty sure that this is going to be a long journey with these two cuties and  will help us bring more and more joy and happiness among Seoulmates in our family!!


If you are not able to resist such cuteness...go on and grab our Seoulbox as soon as possible to see more contents about them!


Written and created by - Bhagyashree



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