May 2020 Kpop Comeback List: War of Stars

May 2020 Kpop Comeback List: War of Stars

Taking into account the various releases planned for May, it is shaping to be a busy and thrilling season for K-pop artists who are having an expected comeback.

After a quiet first quarter of the year due to COVID-19 all eyes are on the different artists preparing to make new releases. Not only has it been the biggest comeback season since the beginning of 2020 but it is also packed with many of the leading faces of the industry. As such, fans are waiting excitedly for what is sure to be an eventful month.

Here's the list of debuts and comebacks awaiting for you!


May 1st
•Jang Hanna | ‘RUNNAWAY’ [Debut]
•Yesung (Super Junior) x Suran | ‘Still Standing’ [Collab Release]

May 2nd
•Lim Jaehyun & Moon Seongwook | ‘밤’ [Collab Release]
•Changmin (2AM) | [Comeback]

May 3rd
•Sung Sikyung | [Comeback]

May 4th

•Astro | ‘Knock’ [Comeback]
•Fanatics | ‘VAVI GIRL (바비걸)’ [Comeback]

•Taeyeon (SNSD) | ‘Happy’ [Comeback]
•Kim Sunjae | ‘A Drive’ [Comeback]

May 5th
•2Z | ‘Nostrum’ [Comeback]

May 6th
•Ra.D | ‘Open it up’ [Release]

•IU | [Comeback]

May 7th
•Natty | ‘NineTeen’ [Debut]
•Moon Jongup | ‘Headache’ [Debut]
•BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4) | ‘Butterfly and Cat ft Baekhyun (EXO)’ [Pre-release]
•Theo (Zhu Zheng Ting) | ‘EMPTY SPACE’ feat. BOOGIE (Wang Ziyi) [Release]

May 11th
•Nu’est | ‘The Nocturne’ [Comeback]
•DAY6 | [Comeback]

•Monsta X | ‘FANTASIA X’ [Comeback]

May 12th
•Chungha x Zion.T | ‘Song FARM!’ [Collab Release]

May 13th
•Jun.K (2PM) | ‘THIS IS NOT A SONG’ [Japanese Comeback]
•NMB48 | ‘Datte Datte Datte’ [Comeback]
•Busters | ‘Paeonia’ [Comeback]
•Woo!Ah! |’Exclamation’ [Debut]
•BVNDIT |’Carnival’ [Comeback]
•BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4) | [Comeback]

May 15th
•UNVS | ‘Give you up’ [Comeback]

May 18th
•TXT | [Comeback]

May 19th
•NCT 127 | ‘Punch’ [Comeback]
RSQ (Red Square) | [Debut]

May 25th
•Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) | [Solo Debut]

May 27th
•SF9 | ‘Good Guy’ [Japanese Release]

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