March SeoulBox Magazine

March SeoulBox Magazine

Are you ready to go on a culinary adventure? We know very well what passionate foodies you are! You have shown through your incredible feedback that you have a real love for tasting various Korean snacks and recipes. This motivated us to go back to the cooking board to see how we can bring this concept to your unboxing experience. We wanted to combine both a delicious snacking journey while including items aimed to bring Seoul into your kitchen. After many hours of fooding, we put together this exciting package. We can't wait for you to make your very own Hotteok pancakes or create a memorable Korean stir fry. We are excited about all the tasty dishes you will create. Feel free to share them @unboxyourseoul 😋🇰🇷



This month, You will experience a delicious slice of Seoul in your home! 

You can check out a feature about 2 special Korean food which is in the March SeoulBox and an Infographic recipe <Kimchi stew> in the March Tasting Guide. Tap the below to be the first to get our new release! 😘

Snack Highlights

  • Injeolmi Hotteok Mix that will solve your craving for a new Korean dessert
  • Various Korea cooking materials (Boc Rice Shrimp, Stir Fry Kimchi, Hot Chicken Sauce, Anchovy Kalguksu and Nurungji etc.)
  • Find out from our Tasting Guide how to bring your Korean snacking to the next level!

Goody Highlights

  • A unique and special SeoulBox merch : ᄉᄋᄇᄉ - a phone holder that perfectly matches with your smartphone

  • Skincare never stops! A smooth nutrition-packed aloe mask pack
  • Woori sticker : transformed into a Korean master chef
  • Find a Korean tiger from 13 zodiac collective cards





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