Mamamoo's New Album and Concerts Confirmed

Mamamoo's New Album and Concerts Confirmed


Alright Moomoos, it’s official!  After an incredible 8 years since their debut, and 3 years since their last studio album release, Mamamoo is due for a comeback as a group this year!

This exciting news was dropped by RBW on Monday 20th June, who also revealed the group would be holding a concert to commemorate their wonderful 8 years since debut with the first full album released by the group as a complete unit in years.

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The agency thanked the fans for their ‘‘unchanging love and support’’ which made the members’ joint and individual success all possible throughout these years.

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RBW went on to add that fans can expect the release of the album to be in the 2nd half of 2022 and that details for the concert would be revealed at a later date.

The members are in the middle of preparing for this glorious comeback, and after working on individual schedules we are sure the girls are excited to work together again.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Though not much has been revealed, we know this will be an epic return for Mamamoo and Moomoos alike. Are you excited yet?

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