The girl’s K-Pop group MAMAMOO, consisting of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa are having their comeback again!


It has been confirmed by RBW Entertainment that MAMAMOO comeback is in September with a new album compilation featuring a new song and new versions of their singles.

This will be 1st MAMAMOO comeback since their last album was released in June, WAW; which was received by fans full of feelings and memories, and the way around will not be different.

MAMAMOO comeback once again surprises fans, that will take MOOMOO’s to a journey throughout the band's past seven years since their debut in June 2014 by enjoying their new song and new versions of past tracks and B-sides.

Mamamoo Comeback

Solar, Moonbyul, and Hwasa renewed their contracts with RBW until December 2023, and it will be their first comeback since doing it.

Although Wheein decided not to renew her contract with the RBW, she did agree to extend an agreement to participate in the group’s activities.

Great news for MOOMOO’s, who will be able to enjoy once again MAMAMOO’s amazing and powerful talent.



Let’s show all our love and support in this upcoming project!


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