Make Everything Injeolmi: Top 5 Delicious Injeoli-flavored Treats in Korea

Make Everything Injeolmi: Top 5 Delicious Injeoli-flavored Treats in Korea

In general, what comes to mind when you think of "snacks" is that they are not easily tired of or interested in sweets with a lot of sugar, dark chocolate, and caramel. Then, why don't you try to target Injeolmi Snacks, which have a healthy charm for a snack with a chewy bean paste and a savory flavor that isn't too sweet?
Injeolmi cookies are quite special than other snacks in that they are savory with a lot of savory bean paste, and give you a pleasant time when you taste your favorite drink and two bites. Below is an introduction to Injeolmi snacks that are sweet and savory when you need a change of mood.
1. Cheongwoo Mirang Injeolmi Snack
The salty and crispy taste that is characteristic of rice. Injeolmi's savory bean paste flavor and aroma are well combined. "Chungwoo Mirang Injeolmi-flavored Sun Rice Snack" is a pure rice snack with the added taste of Injeolmi. Made of pure rice, it is salty and the smell of injeolmi is savory, crispy, and gives you a pleasant texture. It has a total of 54 bags of cookies, which are strong in quantity and are practical in individual packaging, so it is a good way to take them out when you have time.
2. Sandeulchon Injeolmi
If you want to eat healthy and delicious snacks without irritation, I recommend delicious Injeolmi in Sandeulchon. Domestic organic rice flour, organic sugar, domestic cornmeal, domestic gospel bean flour, seaweed calcium and oatmeal fiber all used locally made ingredients, and are healthy organic snacks made without additives from GMO-free domestic bean powder. Injeolmi cookies are also known as vegan vegetarian snacks on social media, which are also known as "vegan vegetarian snacks."
3. Protein Replublic Injeolmi Snack
Protein is the most necessary nutrient for diet control. However, there is a very limited number of food groups that can enjoy these proteins. Dano Protein Republic Injeolmi confectionery is a injeolmi confection to solve these problems and uses reliable healthy raw materials to increase protein content. It is a high-quality, high-protein food and injeolmi snack with separated soybean protein that is extracted from the vegetable protein in soybeans and high-quality milk protein that melts all healthy proteins in milk. It can help you eat protein when you're on a diet, and it's easy and delicious to enjoy as a snack, so wouldn't it be killing two birds with one stone?
4. Baked Injeolmi Rice Cracker
If the existing Injeolmi cookies are shaped like "Injeolmi" in the shape of a round rice cake, Lotte's Rice Roasted Rice Cakeer Injeolmi-flavored snacks are shaped like "cracker" that is easy to eat. Rice Roasted Rice Cake Injeolmi-flavored cookies are made in the traditional way of making rice cakes using rice grown in areas with a large temperature difference of 44 degrees north latitude. It is an injeolmi cookie that has been pushed thinly to about 1mm and then matured 24 hours a day, baked twice in an oven to make it thinner and crispy, with sincerity and effort. You can taste savory and plain with a crispy texture.
5. Peacock Cotton-Jeolmi
If you are looking for Injeolmi cookies in the form of glutinous rice balls with a soft chewy texture like cotton candy, I recommend PEACOCK Cotton Jeolmi cookies. PEACOCK Somjeolmi is a savory injeolmi-flavored snack that melts like cotton candy, and is a deep bean paste-based snack that maximizes the sweet and savory taste. It has a size that is suitable for one bite and two bites, and the melting texture is alive, so it is a favorite injeolmi snack not only for adults but also for children.
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