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Girl’s Generation artist Seohyun shocked her fans when the secrets for Netflix's Love and Leashes dropped. In light of a well-known webtoon, the film rotated around sexual inclinations, having comic and heartfelt components joined to it.

As the film is being applauded for its different way to deal with the subject - of showing a solid, consensual relationship - South Korean netizens took to online gatherings to talk about what might have made the icon shed her 'honest' character and take on the Netflix film.

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Korean movie Love and Leashes featuring Girls' Generation's Seohyun and U-KISS' Jun was hailed by watchers after its delivery seven days prior on February 11. The film offered fans a totally different gander at standard Korean amusement and pushed the limits for a K-pop icon's decision of content as well.

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On an online forum, South Korean netizens began talking about why they think Seohyun picked Love and Leashes. K-pop icons, independent of their orientation, and their organization endeavor to keep their character 'clean' to proceed with the dream perfect partner parasocial relationship.



Having the most noticeable idol let go of such an image for a challenging role as “Jung Ji-woo” has turned into a high mark of conversation among fans. Furthermore, Jun’s depiction of “Jung Ji-hoo” was extremely praiseworthy. 

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Netflix's 2022 collection of Korean movies starts off with a film that is going to turn over all assumptions. In Love and Leashes, the director chief Park Hyun-jin explores different avenues regarding an alternate sort of relationship.

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Girls Generation member Seohyun's presentation in the film investigates a sentiment in a man with a quite certain taste, and a lady who coincidentally finds him mysterious.

This racy romance, which is certain to leave the crowd and characters in tangles, is a transformation of a famous webtoon of a similar name.

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Movie character Ji-woo accepts the responsibility of a Dom-Female who consents to enter an "exceptional" relationship with her Sub-Male, Ji-hoo, in spite of having no prior related knowledge of the entire BDSM culture.

Love and Leashes deems to be an essential watch.

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