Long Time No See

 Long time no see! 👋

Imagine: you bumped into your high school friend you haven’t seen for 6 months - what can you say in Korean? 🤔

Seoul Box is here to help you include a bit of Korean touch here and there in daily life 😜

1. 오랜만이야: This is the most commonly used phrase. Literally, long time no see!

2. 오랜만이네: This is in a softer tone of ‘오랜만이야’ above

3. 잘 지냈어?: A sweet version 😚 It sounds super caring and friendly!

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"상황과 순간마다 감정은 너무 달라서, 매 순간 고민하는 것이 삶이라고 생각한다."

"Emotions are so different in every situation and every moment, so I think to agonize every moment is what life is."

Fulfill your korean moments, Seoulmates 💪

Suga, BTS