Let's learn Korean with fun Kpop lyrics!

Let's learn Korean with fun Kpop lyrics!

There's loads of reasons to learn Korean - your fave actor's accent is so cute in his Kdrama scene, your ult bias' killing part literally makes your heart beat so fast, or you want to try out that Korean dish but the recipe you want to follow is in Korea.

Even though Korean is a bit difficult to learn, your journey will become easier and more exciting if you learn the language with cute Kpop lyrics.

To help you boost your Korean journey, SeoulBox here presents 5 Kpop lyrics you'd like to pick up!


1. Want to be a punk

TXT - New Rules

This song makes me want to skip class and rip all the exam sheets and burn the whole school. #txt #newrules #txtedit #txtsoobin #yeonjun


2. Your bright eyes, make my heart beat all the day

BOY - My Angel

B Of You (B.O.Y) stands for Be Of you/Both Of you

Member: Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin
They are Produce X 101 contestant and ex-Myteen member.

Both of them are a very talented main vocalist, and their visual are no joke. plus they're so funny, sometimes they act like a gagmen but when they're on stage they show a whole different persona

Kookheon was Mixnine finalist and Yuvin ranked 4th at SuperstarK6

they have been through so much and they released their full album on 7th January 2020, please support them guys!!

#bofyou #kookheon #yuvin #myangel #boymyangel


3. Tonight, the star is me. It's me

Wanna One - Pick Me

When 11 hot guys dancing and seducing you to pick them...😏


4. Head, shoulder, knees, hip!

Mamamoo - Hip

When you realise Mamamoo just made a whole ass song about their fashion controversies so far.

#mamamoo #hip #mamamoohip #hwasa #wheein #moonbyul #sola


5. I like it

Blackpink - Boombayah


#blackpink #blackpinkedits #boombayah #jisoo #rose

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