Let’s get to know Sriya from India and Gabi from Brazil, BLACKSWAN’s New Members

Let’s get to know Sriya from India and Gabi from Brazil, BLACKSWAN’s New Members


In our previous blog, we’ve introduced to you Sriya from India and Gabi from Brazil who have recently made their debut with BLACKSWAN.

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Today we will get to know them more as DR Music entertainment had previously released an interview video for the members, not only this but also DR Music releases a clip nearly each week for Cygnus project members Sriya and Gabi called "Practice Diary".

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Gabi starts off by expressing how she feels about being a part of BLACKSWAN, saying she’s very happy and excited. She said that when she had officially joined BLACKSWAN, she received many congratulatory messages from her friends and family, they were all happy for her.

She wants to be active on BLACKSWAN’s social media and to do a lot of vocal covers. Gabi’s dream was to perform on Mnet stage, and she dreams big as well to go to Grammy’s, billboard and go on world tours with the members.

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Gabi wants to be sweet to the members, show the fans who she really is and give the hope that their dreams can come true even if it's difficult. She also mentioned that as much as she loves her Brazilian roots and culture, she likes to sing K-pop more than singing Brazilian Pop, and even though there’s a diversity in culture in Brazil, yet it’s not easy to be a pop artist there.

Gabi has taken musical theater classes since she was 9 years old, she learnt how to sing opera style and pop, so she prefers vocal training more than dancing training. Check Gabi’s full first interview.

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For Sriya, she mentioned that she is so excited specially that she has always wanted to represent her country “India”, and always wanted to succeed as an artist since she was young, so it’s like a dream came true to her. She added saying that the experience wasn’t an easy one to be able to be a part of BLACKSWAN, but she had to do it to fulfill her dream.

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Sriya stated that; during the hardships she was also able to have fun and learn new things. Sriya used to learn contemporary dance but said she wanted to be a K-pop artist because she was interested in K-pop and also in doing something different, whereas back at her country everyone wanted to be a Bollywood Star but she was longing for being a K-pop idol. Sriya’s dream is to perform on Studio Choom, Masked singer and show me the money. Check Sriya’s full first interview.

Gabi and Sriya, at the end of the interviews shared a warm-hearted thanking message to the fans, and to their families for their support and love. They also promise the fans to work harder and keep improving themselves to be in the best form.

Gabi from Brazil and Sriya from India are an inspiring example for a girl’s dream that came true, and that everything is possible if you work hard and try your best, you’ll be able to achieve your dream!

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