Learn the Korean Language with K-pop & K-drama

Learn the Korean Language with K-pop & K-drama

If you’re looking to learn the Korean language, keeping up with K-pop and binge-watching on K dramas will help you in picking up the language!

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Before we go into the K-pop and K-drama examples, let's familiarize ourselves with the Korean alphabet! 

As you may know, the Korean language has its unique character as its alphabet. It is separated into consonants and vowels. 


  1. ㄱ = g
  2. ㄴ = n
  3. = d/t
  4. = r/l
  5. = m
  6. = p
  7. = s
  8. ㅇ= ng/silent 
  9. ㅈ= j
  10. ㅊ = ch
  11. ㅋ = k
  12. ㅌ= t
  13. = p
  14. ㅎ= h


= a

ㅑ= yeo

ㅓ= eo

ㅕ= yeo

ㅗ = o

= yo

= u

= yu

= eu

ㅣ= i

These are the basic alphabets in the Korean language. There are complex ones like these: 

Is the Korean language difficult to learn

Somewhat yes, as they consist of different alphabet characters than the English language. Korean is considered a hard language to learn by the Foreign Service Institute. 

However, it does not mean you can't learn the language. With the right amount of practice and determination, you will be able to pick it up! 

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Why learning Korean is important for K-lovers?

If you are an avid Korean fan, you should be able to understand or speak the basics as you may be watching K-dramas or K-pop groups daily. 

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I think understanding and having a better knowledge of the language is much easier than just reading subtitles. As you know sometimes the translations are not accurate and you love the true meaning of the word. 

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K-lovers don't need to learn the language, but for K-pop fans who would want to sing along to their favorite songs from their idols, they would need to know the meaning to fully understand the song.

Therefore, we got a few easy to sing songs for you to learn Korean with K-pop idols:

  1. Only then – Roy Kim 
  2. Eyes, nose, lips – Taeyang 
  3. Butterfly – BTS 
  4. 20cm – TXT 
  5. Don’t Wanna Cry – SEVENTEEN
  6. Flower Road – Big Bang
  7. 330 – U-Kiss
  8. Don’t Go – EXO
  9. I Loved You – Day6
  10. Miracles in December – EXO

Where and how to learn efficiently?

A wide variety of options are available depending on how serious you are in learning the language. If you are just keen to know the basics you can start by downloading language apps to learn about the language. 

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You can also find worksheets and textbooks online! There are several websites that has podcasts that teaches the Korean language. You can try by learning from this site we found:


Most people learn Korean by watching K-drama’s or even by K-pop! As you watch more of these you will find yourself memorizing the words easily. I would suggest taking note of all the words they frequently say and searching it up. 

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However, if you would want to speak the language fluently, you can attend language classes where they will have levels you can complete as well as exams to help you in memorizing. 

If you’re a K-pop fan you would know about the Learn Korean with BTS kit. They make learning fun as your teachers would be BTS!

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(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

It consists of textbooks with voice recordings of the members where you would need to purchase the MotiPen to listen to their voices. 



Tips, tricks, and suggestions! 

First and foremost, you should memorize the Hangul alphabet! It will be easier when you memorize the alphabet first. When you’re able to differentiate the alphabets, you can start learning the basic Korean words. 

A trick to memorizing is by reading things off labels or anything related to your favorite K-drama or K-pop group! I started to read from lyrics of my favorite boyband and it helped! 

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Another suggestion is to watch a K-drama, twice (or more)! Yes, first you may watch with subtitles in your native language and they try watching without subtitles! It’s a useful trick tried by RM from BTS when he learned English. 

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Most people learn Korean from K-dramas by memorizing the most popular phrases. If you watch many dramas, you will soon realize that there are many repeated sentences or phrases.

For example, 하지마 (ha-ji-ma) which means Don’t do that! or 오빠 (o-ppa) which is often heard in dramas which translates to an older brother.

A word a day will help you improve in your Korean learning journey! Watch this video if you want to learn more about K-drama related vocabulary.

Best Apps to Learn Korean!



Lingo deer




Drops: Learn Korean


Korlink: Talk to Me in Korean



TenguGo Hangul 

Must know Korean Vocabs! 

These are the basic vocabulary you would need to know before speaking the language! 

  1. 친구 (chin-gu) = friend 
  2. 안녕하세요 (ann-yeong-ha-se-yo) = hello
  3. 고맙습니다 (go-map-seum-ni-da) = thank you
  4. 죄송합니다 (joe-song-ham-ni-da) = I’m sorry 
  5. 네 (ne) = yes 
  6. 아니요 (a-ni-yo) = no
  7. 저기요 (jeo-gi-yo) = excuse me 
  8. 가족 (ga-jok) = family
  9. 잠시만요 (jam-si-man-yo) = just a moment 
  10. 가자 (ga-ja) = let’s go

We hope this article helps you understand the Korean language better!

Let us know what are the first words you learn in the comment below!

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