Learn Korean through Tasty Treats 17: Monster Choco Waffle

Let’s learn some super easy Korean with Seoul Box! Do you know that chocolate is still “chocolate” [초콜렛] in Korean? 🍫 Waffle is “waffle” [와플] as well. 🥮 How about monster - it’s “gae mul” [괴물] 😈 But because it sounds so scary, here the designer just used its English version, monster. A halal version of chocolate waffle is included in this month’s halal box as well. How tasty! 😋 #chocolatewaffle #sunmisiren

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"니 멋대로 살어 ,어차피 니 꺼야."

"Live your life, it’s yours anyway."

Fulfill your Korean passion, Seoulmates 💪

Fire, BTS