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Last Chance to Experience the K-drama Lifestyle with Seoulbox

Attention all snack lovers and K-drama fans! This is your last chance to indulge in our delectable April Seoulbox of Korean snacks, inspired by the most popular dramas from the Korean entertainment industry. Our snack box consists of a variety of lip-smacking treats, carefully curated to bring the authentic Korean snacking experience straight to your doorstep. From sweet to savory, and everything in between, our April box is a celebration of all your favorite K-drama snacks! You'll find all your favorite snacks inside, such as crispy seaweed, chewy rice cakes, crunchy chips, sweet and sour gummies, and much more! Each snack is a true embodiment of Korean flavors and traditions, perfect for snacking on while binge-watching your favorite K-dramas.

Why Did We Choose K-dramas?


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We chose K-dramas as a theme this month because we are huge fans of Korean entertainment. It's no secret that K-dramas have taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with their unforgettable storylines, stunning cinematography, and of course, delicious snacks! That's right, snacks have become an integral part of the K-drama experience. From the iconic scene of Park Seo-joon devouring a bag of fried chicken in "Itaewon Class" to the irresistible bungeoppang (fish-shaped bread filled with sweet red bean paste) in "Crash Landing on You," the snacks in K-dramas are just as memorable as the characters themselves. Every snack in our April box is handpicked with care to provide you with the most authentic Korean snacking experience. Happy snacking and K-drama watching!

What's Inside the Box?

Crunky Pepero


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Crunky Pepero is a Korean snack that combines the crunchy texture of biscuit sticks with decadent chocolate to create an irresistibly delicious treat. With its unique shape and creamy filling, Crunky Pepero makes for an indulgent snacking experience. It's the perfect companion when watching your favorite K-drama!

Rich Jinju Honey Rice Crackers


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Rich Jinju Honey Rice Crackers are a snack that combine the delectable sweetness of honey with crunchy rice crackers. They are a delightful treat perfect for any K-drama fan looking for a unique snacking experience. Enjoy their delicious blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Bacchus Jellies Sour


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Bacchus Jellies Sour is a crunchy and tangy jelly candy that will tantalize your taste buds! This fruity snack packs the perfect punch of sourness with its intense blend of tart and bold flavors. Enjoy a tasty treat for yourself or share them with friends and family - either way, you won't be disappointed.

Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen


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Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen is an instant noodle meal that combines the classic flavors of chicken ramen with a creamy and slightly spicy carbonara sauce. This delicious, hot and easy-to-prepare meal contains soft noodles and a mouthwatering blend of vegetables in an intensely flavorful broth. Enjoy this tasty bowl of comfort food for lunch or dinner!

TinyTAN Plaster


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TinyTAN plasters are a fun and functional way to showcase your love for BTS while providing effective protection for minor cuts and wounds. They are the cutest!

Chrisma Derma Lab Moisture Barrier Mask Pack


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Chrisma Derma Lab Moisture Barrier Mask Pack are face mask that help keep your skin hydrated and clear. It's perfect to put on and refresh your skin while you binge-watch the latest k-dramas.

 In conclusion, our April box is the perfect way to experience authentic and delicious snacks while enjoying your favorite K-drama. From Crunky Pepero to Cream Carbo Hot Chicken Ramen, and BTS Plasters for armies – you'll find something that will tantalize your taste buds as well as K-pop merch and K-beauty products. For a more in detail insight in our box, check our unboxing video here. So don't miss out on this unique opportunity to indulge in a truly special snacking experience!

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