Kpop X Snack = A Dream Fusion

Kpop X Snack = A Dream Fusion

Your favorite K-pop stars love snacking too! Let's explore the trends, snacks and crazes all started by Korean idols.


Being a K-Pop star is not an easy job. From dance practices to fan meet-and-greets, our idols need a refreshing boost to keep their great work going. Here's their go-to drink: ‘Idol Water’.


Only recently were the contents of this magic potion revealed by Luna from girl group f(x). We shall pass this secret onto you:

★ 500ml of Water

★ 1 Green Tea bag

★ 2 Spoons of sugar

★ ¼ Lemon

What a simple remedy!


Now, let's get back to our food quest with an unbelievable dish:

Truffle Oil Chapagetti, created by Mamamoo's Hwasa.


She changed Chapagetti to a gourmet dish by adding two ingredients: egg yolk and truffle oil. How sensational! This led to truffle oil being sold out across Korea. Talk about power.

At times, idols can become possessive over their snacks, especially when two members want the same one. BTS was not an exception. Craving Honey Twister so much, BTS Jimin and V even fought over it!


Finally, let's discover the bias side of boy bands. For a while, GOT7 always picked Home Run Balls over all other treats. The hidden reason: their first album's title song was 'Home Run'! Try it in your box.

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