3 Essential Kpop Terms

3 Essential Kpop Terms

Hi Seoulmates, 

If you have been riding the Hallyu wave, you know that understanding the words used by the fandoms is super important.

We shall take you a quick snapshot journey of 4 terms that you need to know to help you follow your favorite idols or K-Dramas.

1. Aegyo

This means to act very cute. This can be performed by both males and females. Idols often get asked to show this side of them which can be hilarious when serious members are asked to show this side.  

2. Comeback

Every time an artist releases new music it is known as a comeback. This involves teaser images, trailers and a lot of great content from your fav group as they hype you for their new music.

3. Daebak

This has similar meaning to the word “jackpot”. It’s an expression used to show happiness combined with awesome. You can use to describe various feelings such as finding a lucky sock to eating great tasting food.

4. Maknae

This is the youngest member of an idol group. In Korea age plays a huge role in society and Kpop is no different. If they are super talented for their age they will be known as golden maknae.


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