Kpop in May 2020: Assessing Comebacks and Debuts

Kpop in May 2020: Assessing Comebacks and Debuts

Take it easy KPop fans, as the next month of May will certainly be packed with 
more exciting debuts and comebacks from some of the scene's most successful and trending Kpop artists. Comebacks and debuts of May 2020 have filled up our spring. Now it's mid June and we had lots of Ingas and Mubanks to enjoy their performances. It's time to rewind our clock and assess the songs!

1. IU - Eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

The song is such a mystery. It has a joyful melody but make people feel like crying.
2. Agust D - Dachita
It blew our mind and made us speechless. It's a heart-beating song of the month!
3. Monsta X - Fantasia

The whole album is a BOP. A lot of Monbebes agreed Shownu's "Let me be your fantasy" the best part.
4. Blackpink X Lady Gaga - Sour Candy

Nobody can doubt that Sour Candy has been the collab song of the month. We all just wish Blackpink come back asap!
5. Secret Number - Who Dis?

A debut of the month! With an impressive 15M views so far, this fascinating girl group and their fanatic fans made definitely a positive impression.
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