Kpop in June 2020: Comebacks and Debuts

Kpop in June 2020: Comebacks and Debuts

June 2020 becomes extra special with lots of comebacks and debuts of Kpop stars. Are you awaiting for the long-waited comeback of Blackpink or Once upon a time listening to Twice's legend songs? It's time for you!

As it's approaching the end of June, now seems to be a great time to look back on the glorious moments of Kpop June 2020.


1. Twice - More & More

 Twice slayed the first half of June!


2. Victon - Mayday

 It's addictive and will stay inside your head forever.


3. Ha Sung Woon - Get Ready

 A perfect harmony of voice, performance, and music video.


4. Chungha - Stay Tonight

 Even more powerful dance and song.


5. Dia - Hug U

 A beautiful song that deserves more attention.


6. Momoland - Tiki Taka

 A cute song originally for a kid show.


7. Stray Kids - Go生

Cool and stylish, they're making their way through.

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