Kpop Comback Schedule January 2021

Comeback Date Kpop Artists
Jan 1, 2021 GroovyRoom x Hoody 
Title Track: “Follow The Light (Feat. Hoody)”
Release: 6 PM KST
Jan 4, 2021 CHUNG HA
Title Track: “Dream of You” on November 27, 2020
Title Track: “X” on December 10, 2020
Album: 1st Studio Album [ QUERENCIA ] on January 4, 2020
Jan 5, 2021 Hong Eunki
Title Track: “On & On”
Release: 12 PM KST
Jan 6, 2021 Jeong Sewoon
Title Track: “In The Dark”
Album: 1st Album <24> PART 2
Buy Album: Amazon
Jan 8, 2021 MCND
Album: 2nd Mini Album [MCND AGE]
Release: 0 AM KST
Buy Album: Amazon
Jan 11, 2021 TREASURE
Title Track: “My Treasure”
Buy Album: Amazon
Jan 11, 2021 (G)I-DLE
Title Track: “화(花火)”
Album: 4th Mini Album [I burn]
Release: 6 PM KST
Buy Album: Amazon
Jan 11, 2021 VICTON
Title Track: “What I Said”
Album: 1st Album [VOICE: The future is now]
Buy Album: Amazon
Watch Teaser: YouTube
Jan 11, 2021 T1419 (DEBUT)
Album: 1st Single Album <BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1>
Release: 6 PM KST
Jan 13, 2021 YUBIN 
Release: 6 PM KST
Jan 18, 2021 Epik High
Album: 10th album “Epik High Is Here”
Release: 6 PM KST
Jan 19, 2021 CRAVITY
Title Track: “My Turn”
Buy Album: Amazon
Jan 19, 2021 ONEUS 
Album: “Devil”
Jan 20, 2021 EXO Baekhyun (JP)
Title Track: “Get You Alone”
Album: Japan 1st Mini Album 「BAEKHYUN」
Jan 20, 2021 TXT (JP)
Album: Japan 1st Album “Still Dreaming”
Jan 22, 2021 ITZY
Album: Not Shy [English Version]
Release: 1 PM KST
Jan 22, 2021 SATURDAY
Title Track: “Only You”
Jan 26, 2021 SIGMA
Title Track: “Higher”
Jan 27, 2021 U-KISS Soohyun, Hoon
Title Track: “I Wish”


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