Korea's Spring weather: Snacking Guide

Korea's Spring weather: Snacking Guide


Spring in Korea is a beautiful time of year when the chill of winter starts to fade away, and the landscape comes to life with colorful blossoms and lush greenery. Along with the change in weather comes a shift in culinary preferences, with lighter, fresher flavors taking center stage. In this snacking guide, we'll explore some of the delightful treats that perfectly complement Korea's spring weather, from savory to sweet, traditional to modern.

1. Tteokbokki - A Spicy Spring Favorite



Tteokbokki is a yummy Korean snack that lots of people enjoy, especially in the springtime. It's spicy and super tasty! The snack is made up of chewy rice cakes covered in a red and fiery sauce. This sauce is made from chili paste, sugar, and soy sauce, giving it a special flavor. Sometimes, tteokbokki comes with fish cakes, boiled eggs, and mixed veggies, making it even more delicious. When you eat it on a cool spring day, it warms you up and feels nice.

Imagine taking a bite of tteokbokki and feeling the chewy rice cakes with the spicy sauce exploding with flavor in your mouth. It's like a party of different tastes and textures! Plus, the warmth from the spicy sauce makes it extra comforting, especially when a gentle breeze blows in the spring air. So, if you're out and about in Korea during the spring season, don't forget to try some tteokbokki for a tasty treat that'll make your day even better!

2. Twigim - Crispy Fried Delights



Twigim is a type of snack you can find a lot in Korean markets, especially during the springtime. It's all about deep-frying yummy things! You can find all sorts of delicious treats, like crispy veggies that remind you of tempura, crunchy rings of squid, and sweet potatoes coated in a yummy batter. There's something for everyone to enjoy! These snacks are perfect for when you're walking around at spring festivals or having a picnic under cherry blossom trees. They're easy to munch on and super tasty!

Imagine walking through a busy market and seeing all the different types of twigim, each one looking more delicious than the last. You can pick your favorites and enjoy them while you're surrounded by the excitement of springtime. Whether you like veggies, seafood, or something sweet, twigim has something yummy for you to try! So next time you're in Korea during the spring, be sure to grab some twigim and enjoy the crispy, savory goodness!

3. Bindaetteok - Springtime Pancakes



Bindaetteok is a yummy snack that lots of people in Korea love, especially in the springtime. These pancakes are made from ground mung beans mixed with tasty veggies like kimchi, onions, and peppers. Then, they're cooked in a pan until they turn a nice golden brown and get all crispy. They're so tasty and satisfying!

When you eat bindaetteok, you often dip them in a sauce that's tangy and delicious. This sauce is made from soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame seeds, giving it a special flavor. Bindaetteok is perfect for enjoying at spring picnics or when you're hanging out with friends. It's a snack that's both refreshing and yummy, making it a favorite during the spring season in Korea!

4. Patbingsu - Cool and Refreshing Dessert



When it starts getting warmer outside, there's a yummy treat in Korea called patbingsu that people love to eat. It's a traditional dessert made with shaved ice, and it's super refreshing! The shaved ice is really fine and soft, and it's topped with sweet red bean paste, chewy rice cakes, fruit, and condensed milk. It's like a party of flavors in a bowl! Eating patbingsu is a great way to cool down when it's hot outside, and you can enjoy all the delicious tastes of spring.

What's cool about patbingsu is that there are lots of different kinds to try. You can get ones with green tea flavor, fruity ones, or even ones with chocolate! That means there's a patbingsu for everyone, no matter what flavors you like best. So, next time you're in Korea during the spring and the weather starts to warm up, don't forget to treat yourself to a bowl of yummy patbingsu to cool down and enjoy the season's flavors!

5. Hotteok - Warm and Sweet Street Food



Hotteok is a yummy snack you can find on the streets in Korea, and it's perfect for when it's a bit chilly outside, like in the springtime. These pancakes are sweet and really comforting! Inside, they're filled with a tasty mix of brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, and crushed nuts. When you take a bite, it's like a warm hug for your taste buds!

The best part about hotteok is how they're cooked. They're made on a hot griddle until they turn a nice golden color and get all crispy on the outside. When you eat them fresh off the griddle, they warm up your hands and taste so delicious! It's like a special treat for your senses, with the sweet filling bursting out with every bite. So, if you're in Korea during the spring and you're feeling a bit chilly, don't forget to try some hotteok for a cozy and yummy snack!

6. Japchae - A Flavorful Noodle Dish



Japchae is a yummy Korean dish that lots of people enjoy. It's made with glass noodles that are stir-fried with different veggies like carrots, spinach, mushrooms, and bell peppers. These veggies give the dish lots of flavors and colors! Then, it's seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, and a little bit of sugar. This makes japchae taste both savory and a little sweet, which is perfect for snacking in the springtime!

You can eat japchae either hot or cold, depending on what you like. It's a dish that's really versatile, meaning you can enjoy it however you prefer! Whether you're eating it at a picnic in the park or as a snack at home, japchae is sure to make your taste buds happy with its yummy flavors. So, if you're in Korea during the spring and you're looking for something light and delicious to snack on, give japchae a try!

7. Yangnyeom Chicken - Spicy Korean Fried Chicken

Yangnyeom Chicken


Korean fried chicken is a super popular snack that lots of people love to eat all year round. But there's one kind called yangnyeom chicken that's extra special! It's made with a spicy and tangy sauce that makes it taste really yummy. First, the chicken is marinated in a mix of chili paste, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. Then, it's deep-fried until it gets all crispy and golden. After that, it's coated in the delicious sauce, making it super tasty and irresistible!

This snack is so good that it's hard to stop eating once you start! It's perfect for sharing with friends and family during springtime get-togethers or when you just want to treat yourself on a lazy afternoon. So, if you're in Korea during the spring and you're craving something flavorful and crispy, yangnyeom chicken is the way to go!

8. Kimbap - Portable and Flavorful Rolls



Kimbap is a yummy snack that lots of people in Korea enjoy, especially when they're out and about in the springtime. It's kind of like Korean sushi! These rolls are wrapped in seaweed and filled with tasty ingredients like seasoned rice, veggies, egg, and your favorite protein, like beef, tuna, or ham. They're packed with flavor and really satisfying to eat!

The best thing about kimbap is that it's easy to take with you wherever you go. It's light, portable, and perfect for enjoying outside during picnics, hikes, or just when you're hanging out in the nice spring weather. So, next time you're in Korea during the spring and you're feeling hungry while exploring, don't forget to grab some delicious kimbap for a tasty and convenient snack!


As spring unfolds in Korea, the culinary scene comes alive with an abundance of delicious snacks to enjoy. From spicy tteokbokki to refreshing patbingsu, there's something to tantalize every palate and satisfy every craving. Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Seoul or picnicking in a tranquil park, these springtime treats are sure to add a touch of joy and flavor to your day. So embrace the season, indulge in some delightful snacks, and savor every moment of Korea's beautiful spring weather.



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