Korean Snacks Online; How to Find Authentic Snacks?

Korean Snacks Online; How to Find Authentic Snacks?


Korea and its culture have been growing worldwide in the last few years, mostly thanks to K-pop with big names like BTS and BLACKPINK sharing it everywhere they go. This and many other factors have made people become more curious on its culture and food, and nowadays everyone can have a taste of Korea thanks to snack boxes that are been sold online with worldwide delivery.

It is not the difficult to find these snacks, once you are on Google, if you type buy Korean snacks online, many results for you to choose will appear, but to make it easier for you, here goes a pro tip: Just write ‚ÄúSeoulbox‚ÄĚ and the first result will deliver straight to your house, Korea‚Äôs finest snacks and goodies!

Finding Korean Snacks Online

The process of finding Korean snacks online is not so complicated, once you have searched for Seoulbox on Google and access the website you will have the possibility to order Korean snacks online, delicious, unique, and authentic, specially curated for our lovely Seoulmates.

For your comfort we have two easy ways for you to acquire these snacks, you can do so from our website and from our dedicated mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS. We are always looking for a way to make it even easier for you to have a little piece of Korean culture with you, we believe that our Seoulboxes and specially our Seoulzine gives everyone the opportunity to ‚Äútravel and visit‚ÄĚ Korea with leaving their home.

With this specialized publication, we hope to give each and every one of you a taste of Korea. We make an effort to provide you with a summary of the box and its contents as well as a tasting guide that will fill your stomach with genuine Korean snacks and dishes in Seoul.

A couple of years ago, finding or ordering Korean snacks online would have been more difficult to accomplish, but gladly this has changed in we can now enjoy all these delicacies without needing to travel or ask. So, as we say, let yourself discover Korean culture through authentic Korean snacks, magazines, and K-pop merch, you may not be in Seoul but you'll feel like you are!

Korean Snacks Online - Google

Here is a small step by step on how to navigate yourself on Google to find the perfect Korean snack online shop:

1. Access Google from your laptop or mobile device

2. Once you are on Google type in the magic word: Seoulbox

3. There you go, you have arrived to our awesome website

Korean Snack Online Shop: Seoulbox

Once you navigate through our website, you can see that Seoulbox offers the following three products from the current lineup: Seoulbox Signature, Seoulbox V, and Seoulbox Life!

Each containing different samples of Korean Snacks: If you want to sample Korean delicacies or receive a gift box filled with tasty treats, go with Seoulbox Signature. Choose Seoulbox V, a vegetarian variation of Seoulbox Signature, if you are a vegetarian, or if you want to learn about Korean culture or explore different aspects of Korea each season, you are a perfect fit for Seoulbox Life!

And you can choose which purchase option fits the best for you: One time purchase or a subscription model, in which we offer 4 options:

  1. Monthly: You will receive a box every month
  2. Quarterly: You will receive a box every month over the course of three months
  3. 6 Months: You will receive a box every month over the course of six months
  4. Annual: You will receive a box every month over the course of twelve months

Buying Process

1. Choose your favorite box of snacks and goodies from the following three options:

Seoulbox Signature - What you'll get

18 authentic Korean goodies including:

  • Korea-exclusive sweet and savory snacks
  • In-depth magazine packed with cultural insights
  • Crazy ramens and drinks
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • Top-rated & lesser-known Kbeauty skincare products

Seoulbox V - What you'll get

  • 16 vegetarian Korean snacks and candies
  • In-depth magazine packed with cultural insights
  • Korea-exclusive ramens and drinks
  • Unique K-Pop/K-Drama/K-Culture merch
  • Top-rated & lesser-known Kbeauty skincare products

Seoulbox Life - What you'll get

  • 8-10 hand-picked Korean goodies
  • 1 K-Beauty product
  • 2 K-Pop merch
  • 4-5 Korean lifestyle items
  • Seoulbox Magazine
2. Once you have chosen your box, you select your purchase option and add it to the cart

3. Continue the checkout process on your cart, filling in necessary customer and shipping information,

4. Last step, fill in your desired payment information and you are all set, ready to place your order!

Seoulbox Mobile App for Easy Buying Experience

For those of you who prefer a more convenient way to place an order of our always desired boxes, we have an app that will simplify the process with just a few taps on your screen. As we mentioned above, the app is available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded for your commodity from the links below:

Seoulbox Android App

Seoulbox iOS App

Now you are all set to find and order unique and delicious Korean snacks online from a website that is always listening to their Seoulmates to provide an awesome service, excellent products, and deliver a piece of Korea and a smile to the face of everyone. Since we value your opinions, we fulfilled your requests and are now able to provide you with three fantastic products!

You can learn more about how Seoulbox from being just a girl’s dream living in London wanting to share more about her beloved home country with the world, became what it is today thanks to the support of friends, family, and hard work. Full story here!

We would love to see videos and pictures from unboxing Seoulbox products and why not, a taste reaction as well! You can do so by tagging us on social media and sharing with your friends. You can also share with us any recommendations or suggestions you might have regarding our boxes; your feed is always welcome!

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