Korean Picnic Outfit Ideas You Need to Try!

Korean Picnic Outfit Ideas You Need to Try!

It's a beautiful day for a picnic. You've picked the perfect spot and planned a menu. Now, all that's left is to put together a cute outfit. Here are some fun Korean picnic outfit ideas that you need to try!

Picnic Dresses

If you've seen Strong Girl Bong-soon (2016-2017), you may remember the outfit that Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) wears on her picnic date with Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik): a purple-and-white striped dress with flowers and a straw hat. Well, did you know that the picnic dress is actually a popular Korean picnic outfit?

The dress is typically made of lightweight material like cotton and comes in different styles. Some girls opt for longer skirts and/or sleeves, ensuring protection from the sun while looking fashionable.

A girl wearing a white dress with long sleeves reading a book on a picnic blanket

Image Credits: kimdaeun23 via Instagram

Others opt for shorter sleeves and/or skirts. Puffed sleeves is a big trend (think Anne of Green Gables, but with a twist), as is off-the-shoulder. Pair them with a square or scoop neckline, and you have an Insta-worthy picnic dress!

Three girls in white picnic dresses with a picnic set under a tree

Image Credits: picnadora via Instagram

For fabrics, you can't go wrong with pastels, especially as the days get hotter. You can also choose floral, plaid, or checkered patterns. Opt for something more subtle to let the most important part of the outfit - you - shine!

Six girls wearing hijabs and flowery dresses clinking glasses at a picnic
Image Credits: picnicdateu via Instagram

Pants and Shorts (Girls)

If you're like this author, maybe dresses aren't a part of your daily wardrobe. For something more comfortable, pants are the way to go. For example, long baggy trousers (also made of light material) or jeans with a pretty top.

A girl wearing a long cotton top and wide-ankle jeans under a tree

Image Credits: Deepa via Instagram

You can also wear shorts with a short-sleeved, crop, or halter top. Neutral colors reign here, with many girls (and guys) wearing beige, brown, or blue denim. They don't have to be bright colors, especially if you go all out with your shirt/blouse.

Three girls and a boy wearing pants/denim in front of a river at a picnic

Image Credits: Lian Kiet Nguyen via Instagram

Shirts (Boys)

Looking for a smart way to upgrade your spring wardrobe? How about adding one or two button-up shirts? Also in pastel or neutral shades, they look smart while keeping your picnic casual.

A man wearing a button-up shirt on a picnic blanket by a lake

Image Credits: Taratorn Kang-onta via Pinterest

To maximize the "boyfriend" look, wear the shirt unbuttoned over a short-sleeved top. It looks effortless but is quite dashing.

A man wearing a plaid unbuttoned button-up shirt by the ocean with a picnic basket

Image Credits: Image via Pinterest


A common Korean men's fashion item, vests come in different patterns and colors. Worn over baggy pants or shorts, it can give your ordinary wardrobe a dapper upgrade.

A man wearing a brown vest over a blue top holding a glass at a picnic

Image Credits: otto_issue via Instagram

Loose or fitted, neutral or pastel, you can easily coordinate picnic vests with your other shirts, whether you've a graphic tees or a suit-and-tie guy. Find a shade that will work with multiple shirts so you have an easier time choosing your outfit.

A young man wearing a brown and black vest on a picnic blanket

Image Credits: Image via Pinterest


Rounding off the men's picnic fashion trio, we have sweaters and pullovers. They're more suitable for cooler days, so you can look fashionable while also keeping warm.

A man wearing a black sweater and a white hat at a picnic on a beach

Image Credits: ㅇ ㅏ ㅇ ㅣ 💫 via Pinterest

To match the picnic vibes and go with any sweater shade, limit the pants to neutral or cool tones. You can't go wrong with this outfit!

A man wearing a gray sweater with a scarf and cream trousers at a picnic site

Image Credits: lesleyhee via Instagram

Accessories and More

Wondering what shoes to wear with your outfit? The answer is: something that is cute, comfortable, or both. If you're doing a lot of walking, sneakers or shoes with good arch support are your go-to. If you're going to a park only a few minutes away, you can get a little fancier with the footwear.

A girl in a cute green dress with white shoes and a girl in pants with white sneakers

L-R: Hafsa via Pinterest / d via Pinterest

For a statement item, we recommend a cute bag. Whether a fanny pack or a clutch, it's a small item that adds a nice touch to the overall picnic look.

A girl wearing a cute outfit and purple purse on a white picnic blanket

Image Credits: Pat via Pinterest

It goes without saying, but hats are more than a fashion statement. They protect your face from the sun, along with sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Don't forget to wear one - it's important for your health!

A girl wearing a hat and cute dress on a picnic blanket

Image Credits: 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆, 𝑲𝒂𝒊 ࿐ via Pinterest

We can't talk about Korean picnic fashion without the couple look! Whether you wear similar colors, the same pattern, or even the same outfit, there are many ways to show that your picnic date is, well, a date. It may be a bit intimidating the first time, but after your third picnic, you'll be slaying the couple look like pros!

A cute couple wearing plaid leaning in for a kiss at a park during a picnic

Image Credits: ariel via Pinterest

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Whatever style you go for, Korean picnics are a fun (and delicious) way to show it off. Enjoy your picnics and stay beautiful, Seoulmates!

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