Korean Idols that Join the Viral TikTok Trends in 2022

Korean Idols that Join the Viral TikTok Trends in 2022


In some cases, Korean idols will start a trend and fans will follow but in recent times several artists have been following trends that were set by fans. 

We got a list of the most popular songs on TikTok recently and will provide evidence of Korean idols joining the trends!

Polaroid Love by Enhypen 

This trend was created by a fan. He choreographed the routine and posted it on TikTok where it went viral as many fans joined in the challenge. 

@reeeiner I love this song 🥺😭 dc: me ✨ #enhypen #polaroidlove #dancechallenge #fyp #MustBeNice ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

It was trending in many countries and was the most used TikTok sound! Now, Enhypen has joined the trend!

@enhypen Polaroid Love📸❤️ #ENHYPEN #ENGENE #JUNGWON #JAKE #SUNGHOON #Polaroid_Love #PolaroidLoveChallenge ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

Not only them but several other Korean artists have also been seen doing the challenge through fan sign events. 

Even the trainees of the upcoming boy group, Trainee A posted on their official TikTok channel.

@trainee_a 쿵쿵💓 #kpop #TraineeA #fyp ♬ Polaroid Love - ENHYPEN

Jikjin by Treasure 

Treasure hosted a dance challenge on TikTok to enable the fans to join in the fun! However, they are also hosting a competition that will enable fans to win cash prizes which will be hosted on YouTube. 

@yg_treasure_tiktok '직진(JIKJIN)' DANCE CHALLENGE by 현석 X 재혁 🎶 #TREASURE #트레저 #CHOIHYUNSUK #YOONJAEHYUK #직진 #JIKJIN #JIKJINchallenge #DanceChallenge #YG ♬ 직진 (JIKJIN) - TREASURE (트레저)

A few weeks ago, labelmate IKON posted a video of them covering Jikjin whereas Treasure posted a reaction video following the cover. 

Well known K-pop dance groups have been posting their dance covers online in regards to the competition

Darari by Treasure 

A fan uploaded a video of her dancing to this song with her choreography and it now has 3.5M views!

@jeihyuk let's do this darari dance trend !! dc : me (@jeihyuk), @_julianatresmaria and @alrik_dmh #teuménage #darari #dararitreasure #jeihyuk #treasure ♬ Darari Dance Trend - jei

However, another trend to the song is viral now and has been done by the members of Treasure. 

@yg_treasure_tiktok 트메를 위한 멜로디 💝🎶 #DARARI #dararichallenge #최현석 #CHOIHYUNSUK #요시 #YOSHI #마시호 #MASHIHO #TREASURE #YG ♬ 다라리 (DARARI) - TREASURE (트레저)

Other idols have joined the trend and posted a video of them doing the challenge on their official TikTok accounts. 

@somi_official_ #dararichallenge ♬ DARARI - ︎ ondu

PS5 by Yeonjun and Taehyun 

These two idols are from the group Tomorrow X Together. They featured a song titled PS5 with American singer Salem Ilese.

Yeonjun uploaded a video on TikTok urging fans to join the trend he created and posted multiple videos of him asking people to choose between him or the PS5?


Finally I can sleep now 🙃


Not too long after that fans and even idols learned the elaborate choreography of the song and joined the challenge! Jungwon from Enhypen, as well as Sangwon who is a member of Trainee A hop on to the trend as well! 

@trainee_a i know! ur answer is absolutely me! #TraineeA #SANGWON #kpop #fyp ♬ PS5 OR ME - TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Adding to this, Hueningkai’s sister, Lea also posted a video of her doing the trend on her TikTok account!

@lea_navvab It’s me and the PS5 (dc : @txt.bighitent )#랴밥 #leanavvab #foryou #fyp #추천추천 #foryoupage #추천 #💛 ♬ PS5 OR ME - TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Tomboy by G-Idle

They recently made their comeback and it did not take long for the song to trend on the charts! Their TikTok account is filled with #TOMBOY_Challenge where they feature other artists in their videos while doing the challenge!

@official_gidle #TWICE #JIHYO 님과 함께한 #TOMBOY_Challenge 🤟#여자아이들 #GIDLE #MINNIE #SHUHUA #I_NEVER_DIE #TOMBOY #톰보이_챌린지 #Kpop @TWICE ♬ TOMBOY - (G)I-DLE

Twice, Pentagon, Bambam, Sanha, Stay C, Jay Park, and many other artists join G-Idle with the Tomboy challenge! However, Super Junior’s Donghae is also one of the many artists!

@official_gidle #SUPERJUNIOR #DONGHAE 님과 함께한 #TOMBOY_Challenge 🤟#여자아이들 #GIDLE #I_NEVER_DIE #TOMBOY #톰보이_챌린지 #MIYEON #MINNIE #Kpop @SUPER JUNIOR ♬ TOMBOY - (G)I-DLE

We hope you enjoyed watching the trends! Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below! 

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