Korean Guests Wedding Makeup Tips!

Korean Guests Wedding Makeup Tips!


Going to a wedding is exciting. But it can be stressful deciding on your outfit, even if it’s just the makeup.

Don’t worry. After reading this blog, you’ll know which makeup looks to wear at a Korean wedding. You’ll be able to confidently sparkle as the wedded couple’s special guest!

What Does Korean Makeup Look Like?

You might be wondering: what is the makeup style for Korean wedding guests? Well, here are the highlights:

Eyes: cute and subtle. Eye makeup, or “point makeup,” is the most important part of Korean makeup. But hold the black eyeliner and bright eyeshadow! Most Korean women use brown eyeliner and neutral or light eyeshadow colors, including pink and coral, for a natural look.


Another popular eye makeup look is aegyo sal (애교살). It refers to the bags under your eyes and is part of the puppy-eye look. You can achieve this look temporarily through aegyo sal tape or a specific makeup routine.


Brows: straight. To look younger, Korean women draw straight brows, ending with a slight arc. If you feel confident enough, you can do your own brows at home. If not, you can go to a salon instead.


Blush: a healthy, fruity glow. Adding to the childlike effect, Korean women use liquid-based blushers—usually in a pink or coral shade—which they apply and blend from their cheeks to their temples. There are also powder-based options for beginners.


Lips: soft and fresh. Like eyeshadow, lipstick colors should stay light for a wedding. Coral and pink are popular shades, and there are different types of lip tints to choose from. Try the gradient lip technique if you want to do something new!


Tips for Applying Makeup

Knowing what techniques to use is the first step. Here are some extra pointers.

Always moisturize first. Exfoliate and hydrate your skin to get that glossy complexion, or chok-chok (). You can also achieve these results through overnight face masks or a facial mist. If the wedding is taking place outside, put on sunscreen before the rest of the makeup.

Face moisturize

Image Credits: Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash

Use a cushion compact or BB cream. Want to shorten your makeup routine? Use a BB cream or cushion compact. The compacts double as concealer and foundation. BB cream is healthier for your skin because of its antioxidants and SPF. If you want full coverage for blemishes, however, go with foundation. 


To conceal or not conceal? If you have spots or dark circles under your eyes, then a concealer is a must-have. But if the spots aren’t too serious, then simply use some extra foundation. 

Makeup conceal

Image Credits: leah peragine on Unsplash

Choose long-lasting/waterproof makeup. If the wedding is somewhere hot and humid, you don’t want your makeup to start running. Apply a primer at the beginning of your routine and use products that are waterproof. It’s also a good idea to pack makeup, in case you need to reapply.

waterproof makeup

Image Credits: Dan-oh (Extraordinary You) – Image via Gishi on Pinterest

Less is more. While you might be tempted to go all-out because of the special occasion, we suggest you hold back. Unless you’re the bride, you don’t want to stand out. Add a touch of color to your eyes and face. Simple, yet oh-so-chic!

Lee Jung-hyun’s wedding

Image Credits: Actress Lee Jung-hyun’s wedding – image from Lee Jung-hyun’s Instagram

K-Beauty Products You Should Try!

Now that you know what makeup to wear, here are some beauty products you can find in our Seoulboxes. While we focus more on snacks and sweets in our SeoulBox Signature boxes, we also include items such as socks and face masks that will treat your face and skin. You can find more skincare-themed products inside our SeoulBox Life boxes. 

Mediheal Eggy Skin Calming

Face masks are popular inside and outside of Korea, thanks to their nutrient-rich content. We include masks in many of our boxes, including the Mediheal Eggy Skin Calming mask in our January 2023 SeoulBox. 2 packs are inside for you & person you wanna put it together!

Face masks

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Holika Holika Egg Skin Peeling Gel

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Our October SeoulBox Life featured several skincare products. Besides an Exfoliating Glove and a Tea Tree Mask Sheet, it included the Leaders Tone Up Cream for UV protection.

Leaders Tone Up Cream

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Jeju Aloe Gel

In our June 2021 box, we added Fresh Jeju Aloe Gel made with Jeju Island aloe vera.

Fresh Jeju Aloe Gel

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Bear Steam Eye Mask

For the eyes, we put a Bear Steam Eye Mask in the February 2020 SeoulBox. As the name suggests, it is an eye mask and steam pack rolled into one product.

Bear Steam Eye Mask

Image Credits: Image via Tokopedia

Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub (August 2021) and the Bubi Bubi Lip Ampoule

Finally, the lips! In the past, we’ve also included the Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub (August 2021) and the Bubi Bubi Lip Ampoule (December 2021) for shiny, glossy lips.

Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub and Bubi Bubi Lip Ampoule

Image Credits: Images via Walmart.ca Marketplace (L), Unpa (R)

Interested in trying out some K-Beauty products? Order a SeoulBox today!

With our guidance, you’ll be able to shine, even if you’re not the blushing bride. Don’t forget that the best beauty products do only half the work. Smile and be yourself at the wedding!

Author: Sophia Wasylinko

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