5 Korean folk paintings to check if you loved BTS Idol!

5 Korean folk paintings to check if you loved BTS Idol!

Through taking a different path, BTS was able to go further than the previous K-pop acts: to present an authentic self-representation which developed with their fans. Their mega-hit MV 'Idol' is a symbolic example: they incorporated elements of Korean traditional super well with modern pop culture.


If you enjoyed such genuine attempts of BTS ,

or Oneus,

and would like to explore this unknown territory further, here's a couple of paintings (aka Minhwa) we'd like to introduce. Do you want to discover different sides to Korea with us?


1. Tiger with Flowers

Tiger means bravery, and flower means elegance. By putting them together, ancient Koreans wanted to express the virtue of elegant courage.


2. Maehwa

It's a flower that blossoms during winder. For this reason, it's become a symbol of strong mind.


3. Dragon

The dragon is a sacred animal that chases away evil spirits and protects people from disaster. It was a familiar and trusted image in the everyday lives of common people


4. Books and stationery (Chaekgado)

The ruling class of Korea was called Yangban, but it was not determined by blood - it simply referred to the family whose grandparents were government officials. To become government officials, they had to pass a nationwide exam called 'Gwageo'. For these reasons, studying was an essential part of life for many Koreas. Chaekgado reflects this, interpreting the objects in a unique Korean painting style


5. Wrestling

Ssireum, Korean wrestling, must've been a popular sports! This is a famous folk art depicting the fierce moment in a sunny day 500 years ago.

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