Korean Drinking Games: Give a Unique Twist to Your Night Out

Korean Drinking Games: Give a Unique Twist to Your Night Out

Drinking games have been around for decades, as far as Ancient Greece and China are concerned. Students everywhere are still keen to continue this ancient tradition and gather for some pre-party drinking at friend's houses. Let's be honest, drinking games is not some ritualistic and physical relationship-building activity..


A drinking game has the main aim of passing time and getting wasted easily and with as much fun as possible. Then comes the hard part which game should be played on drinking? Don't make it too complicated; games which everyone can easily understand are always the best option.


1. Hand Game

Spread your hand and fold one finger every time you have a feature others describe. You'll lose if you fold all five fingers first


2. Timing Game

 A counting game where you race up from one to the number of people playing. If people says the same number, they lose!


3. Tang Su Yuk Game

Select anyone and repeat 탕수육 [tang su yuk] by each syllable. Those who say it wrong will lose


4. 31 Game

Start counting numbers from 1 to 31 by order. You can count between 1 to 3 numbers. You'll lose if you are the one count 31


5. Loyalty Game

Split to two groups. Two teams do rock paper scissors and the lost side have to drink 사약


6. Image Game

Describe a look of certain person. Others will point towards who they think matches best. Those who are most chosen will drink


7. Hangul Game

 Raise your thumb and say any alphabet. Others grab the thumb if they come up with a word starting from it. The last one will lose


8. Subway Game

Suggest a subway line and say any station belongs to it. Others have to say other stations in a clockwise direction


9. Song Contest

Say 'Nationwide Song Contest' loud and do a certain posture. Others have to follow it. The last one will drink 사약

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