Korean Drama-Rule Book

Korean Drama-Rule Book

Beginners Guide For Newbies 

    Aanyeong Newbies! 
    If you confused about how to start a Korean Drama journey, what is this K drama, and what is this rule all about? 
    Well, if your answer is yes, then you are in the perfect place. 
    Most common things which almost every K Drama have in it: 
    After watching K-Dramas for a pretty long period. I could easily and confidently conclude that though every drama got its unique storyline, character setup, cinematography, and genre. Sometimes they will make you laugh like crazy or make you cry until your eyes look like swollen Panda’s. Some will drive you mad and you’ll want right away to jump through the screen and choke characters; While others will want you to be loved. But there are few rules which won’t change and you will find them in almost every drama. So, according to Korean Drama-Rule Book, the rules are discussed below.

    Korean Drama-Rules : 

    1. Main Male Lead’s heart-wrenching flashback…

    Almost in every drama, you will find our main hero is suffering or suffered from either :
    • A miserable past,
    • Been abused as a child,
    • Emotionally whipped by his parents or guardian
    • Had a family member violently killed or passed away or abandoned by (their mother)
    • He doesn’t have a good relationship with his father.


    2. Female lead is extremely poor yet stylish…


    Gosh! I still don’t get why our heroine has to be this poor and miserable :
    Half of her life passes working part-time.
    In a single day, she works in different places most favorite places are cafes, libraries, restaurants and they are indeed brilliant students too. (I wonder are they “wonder women” or what )
    No matter how poor she is or may not have any money to pay rent. But this has never stopped a lead female from dressing her best…and never repeating an outfit. (This is what we call Swag )


    3. Rich guys are destined to fall for poor girls whom they think are way too ugly and dumb. 

    Note down this is an important one.
    A rich guy is bound to fall for a poor girl whom they think is ugly, stupid, rude, and straightforward enough to insult him anywhere, everywhere, and in his bathroom too. 
    Of course, there is no match between the two, but they will make sure to fall for each other.
    I think this is what we called Law Of Attraction (Like Seriously!)


    4. K Dramas are incomplete without boosting how handsome the male leads are… 

    K drama is incomplete without boosting the male leads charm like anything (even if you can’t find that person to be that good looking but writers boosting his beauty will surely make you laugh)


    5. Almost every female leads are ugly…

    Though no matter how pretty that girl is, writers will make sure to show the girl ugly. No matter how gorgeous you think they are, they will still continuously be bullied and told they are ugly and fat and completely opposite to male lead.
    Maybe writers want us to teach “Law Of Attraction” (Negative attracts Positive theory)
    Omo!  Is that mean I can also get a handsome Oppa? (In my dreams )


    6. Until someone’s nose or mouth bleeds, is it even a K Drama? 

    After all, this is K Drama world everything is possible here so, a bleeding nose or mouth signifies that you got a good lesson according to K World. 


    7. Second Male Lead Syndrome

    The second leads are always caring, loving, cuddly and adorable teddy bear material. Full of selflessness- Whom the female lead will never select, because who wants a good guy when you have an arrogant jerk, who is the leading man in the drama. Bad boys are more attractive, Isn’t it? 
    But we fans are helpless, we always end up falling for the Second Lead and this is what we call second male lead syndrome. 


    8. New Drama New Oppa 

    Yes, you read it right. Every time you will watch a new hero in a new drama by the end of that drama. Hurry! Congratulations you got a new Oppa’s name added to your Oppa list. 


    9. Confusing 1st episode…

    1st episodes are always confusing, mainly then are introduction part which starts which the male leads past flashbacks or many things that happen one by one without any proper explanation. This will make you busted out of curiosity (Audience-what the hell is this going on, why ain’t I am getting anything) 
    Have some patience, cause the actual thing will start from the 2nd or 3rd episode. Till then take a Chill pill.


    10. Unpredictable ending…

    The most important rule in the k drama world. No one can ever judge what turn the drama will take in the end. A happy couple may end up separating from each other, impossible-looking plots can change in the blink of your eyes. So, please don’t raise your expectation, no one knows what’s up in the hade of the writers.
    “Expectations Hurts” 

    So, guys, these are the few most important rules of the “Korean Drama-Rule Book” which K Dramas follows. We hope you enjoy reading this. We’ll be happy to know if we missed out on any point. Just comment it down in the comment section below. 
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