Today is a new day. Today’s the day we let you discover the chosen theme for the SeoulBox of August !

Most of you are probably on holiday or have just finished your holidays. In both cases, you are probably tired or you are doing too many things because you can live again or of doing nothing. Our Korean Subscription Box made you travelled to Jeju in June, and go to the Amusement Parks in July, we thought that before going back to work and to school you needed to get some rest, take care of yourself and be revitalised and in good shape.

And how’s the best way to enjoy some time with yourself and get your energy back?

If you’re thinking of sleeping, well we couldn’t agree more but it’s not exactly that. Let’s see if those emojis can help you guessing!


Exactly! You’re right dear Seoulmate! In August, we’re going to a Korean Spa!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about it!

Let’s review what’s inside now!

We know you love snacks but this time in our Korean subscription box, as we’re presenting a Korean Spa Box, we will first tell you more about the steps of the relaxing time we propose to you.

Inside the box, you will be able to find the perfect Sunday routine.

We put you inside a typical Korean lip scrub, then we have the priceless skin towel, an avocado mask sheet and a Kpop straw to be able to drink during your spa time.

You might be aware of it but you should definitely begin with your scrub moment and then go for the avocado mask sheet. Our best shot would be to first spend your time in your hot tub (remember no more than an hour inside) and then use your beautiful Italy Skin Towel for a perfect and gentle scrub of your skin. It’s usually used for the body and not the face. After that, you can do your five-minute-lip scrub. To help you apply it even in your bathtub you can use our Dancheong hand mirror.

By the way, here’s a little fun fact about it, Kim Kardashian herself has been using the Italy Skin Towel while she went trying on a Korean spa in LA!


Remember, if you want your scrub to have a good effect on your skin, do it with a lot of love and very gently not harsh your skin and then remember to hydrate it. For example, you could use the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from the June box. Moisturisation helps your skin create a barrier of protection and if your skin doesn’t have it you are more likely to get dry, itchy, to turn red and it might help your skin creating acne because it will try to protect itself by itself, which means by creating more sebum.

Let’s go back to your routine. After the scrub, especially if you used another very gentle scrub for your face, you can use your avocado mask sheet as it is known for helping the hydration.

Now that you became a skin expert, let’s see what you will be enjoying in your hot tube.

1 hour in a hot tub you have time to eat a lot of different things, if you’re more a sweet person, you could try our Strawberry and Banana Cakes or the rice cake pie cream cheese.

If you’re more a person who drinks wine and eat chips in your bath, we have the perfect snacks for you. From the crunchy chicken chips PpaDack, to the Chilli French fries, including Pororo the Little Penguine Cheese crackers and consommé almonds and cheese snacks or arari roast egg. If you’re really, really, REALLY hungry, we can understand you if you prefere eating your Jjeol Bibim Myeon. The spiciness of this dish will probably help you keep your body hot in the bath.

As usual, you will also get candies and drinks. Like our other Korean subscriptions boxes, we decided to put Super Sour Coke Jellies by Lotte, a virak cinnamon punch and a Misut Garu grain latte.

Don’t forget your Jeju Island Chopsticks from the June box. No worries dear vegetarian friends, we replaced the snacks and dishes in SeoulBox V with Baked Mini Garlic Baguette, Tasty Ramen Vegan and Black Beans Barley Bread.

The last but not least, this month we are also add in our Korean subscription boxes the Sheep, which is the 8th Zodiac. Our advice for those who are Sheep would be to avoid other Sheeps and Dogs but you’ll get along very well with Rabbits.


To recap, here’s the full list of what’s inside our Korean subscription boxes in SeoulBox:-

  • Stainless Straw
  • Bubi Bubi bubble Lip Scrub
  • Italy Skin Tower
  • Dancheong Hand Mirror
  • Avocado Paskpack
  • French Fries Red Chili Flavor
  • Crunchy Chicken Chips PpaDack or Baked Mini Garlic Baguette (SeoulBox V)
  • Arari Roast Egg
  • Jjeol Bibim Myeon or Tasty Ramen Vegan (SeoulBox V)
  • Virak Cinnamon Punch
  • Misut Garu Grain Latte
  • Pororo the Little Penguine Cheese Crackers
  • Oh Yes Nonsan Strawberry & Banana
  • Rice Cake Pie Cream Cheese
  • Super Sour Coke Jellies or Black Beans Barley Bread (SeoulBox V)
  • Consommé Almonds & Cheese Snacks
  • 13 Zodiacs 8th: Sheep


If you want to try it, don’t hesitate to try our Korean subscription boxes, either by ordering the SeoulBox Signature or the SeoulBox V if you’re a vegetarian. You can click here if you are interested: https://myseoulbox.com/collections/seoulbox-signature  


Tell us in the comments if you have ever tried a Korean spa before and which product or snacks you want to try first!

Have a wonderful and relaxing day, Seoulmates!


Author - Camille.

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