Korean Ballads to Warm Your Heart This Winter

It's easy to feel lonely, sad, and exhausted as the nights get colder and longer towards the end of the year. And with most of us having already undergone months of quarantine and other life changes associated with pandemics, many may find this winter especially difficult. So to try to make this season a little more bearable, below are some calming Korean ballads that this winter, regardless of what might lie ahead in the coming days, I hope will help comfort and warm your spirit.


1. Crush - Alone

2. Lee Sora - Winter, Farewell

3. Park Hyo Shin - Sound of Winter

4. Baek Hyun - Amusement Park

5. Park Won - Try

6. Aliee - I Will Go to You Like the First Snow

7. Shin Yong Jae & f(x)’s Luna - It’s You

8. EXO - Universe

9. Tae Yeon - What Do I Call You

10. DAY6 - I’ll Try

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