Korea! A Secret Foodie Kingdom

Korea! A Secret Foodie Kingdom

Welcome to the land of irresistible and affordable street food. Seoul Box is here to take you on a delicious journey to Korea.


From food stalls to subway stations to open 'Pojangmacha' tents, you will discover that Korea is a sprawling restaurant itself with tasty treats waiting around every corner!

To kick off our culinary adventure, we shall venture into the streets and learn about the famous food hub in Gwangjang].


With around 5000 shops and 114 years of history, Gwangjang Market is arguably the most symbolic representation of street food in Korea. As you enter, the first thing you must try is Bindaetteok, a Korean-style bean pancake. We recommend you to visit Soon-hee Nae. They practice a “no seat no talk” policy, so secure your place before taking pictures! The pancake is crispy with a soft and fluffy inside; what Bindatettok is meant to be!


Next, head to 'raw beef alley' and visit Buchon Yukhoe to taste the famous Yukhoe, a beef tartare. They have been serving it since 1965! Remember to add egg yolk on top for a creamy texture.


If you feel like creating your own street meal set, try out “Tteok Tui Sun", a tasty mix of Tteokbokki (sweet and spicy rice cakes), Tuigim (deep-fried snacks), and Sundae (blood sausages).


No food tour is complete without a sweet ending. Bungeoppang is here to help. This fish-shaped pastry is a popular comfort food in Korea. It is usually stuffed with sweet red bean paste, but various toppings can be found inside - even pizza, custard cream or ice cream! It is a must-try street food.

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