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Unknown Facts About BTS- 2023


The most loved, celebrated, and famous boy band of today, BTS. These K-POP superstars have been credited with helping to spread Korean culture around the world, particularly through the use of the Korean language in their music and lyrics. Additionally, BTS has become well-known for their use of social media to connect with and engage their fans, called the "ARMY," who have helped to fuel their rise to fame. 

The boys are also one of the main factors why Korean culture is adored by the whole world. From famous K-dramas, delicious food and snacks, trendy outfits, and cozy weather, South Korea's culture wave drowned the world, thanks to BTS. Before their movie ‘Yet to Come’ dashes the cinemas, here are some BTS Facts for a True Army.

Trained For 3 Years

BTS K-pop

Image Credits: © BigHit Ent

Hard work really pays off. These amazing boys started from scratch and paved the way up to the top. The group debuted in 2013 and has since released several albums and singles that have topped charts in South Korea and internationally. 

The group's music incorporates elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, and they are known for their powerful performances and synchronized choreography. BTS has to train for 3 years to be skilled enough to debut mastering sharp moves, and amazing vocals, an ingredient for several iconic albums and singles that have topped charts in South Korea and internationally. 

UNICEF Ambassadors

BTS UNICEF Ambassadors

Image Credits: © UNICEF

BTS has an active involvement with the UNICEF campaign "Generation Unlimited" where they encourage young people to dream and have opportunities and also have a donation program called "Love Myself." The boys contributed a significant amount of money, $3.6 million, to UNICEF's efforts to stop violence, they gave a speech to leaders and heads of state at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, and they created a special music video as part of UNICEF's initiative to promote love and kindness.

They also set up stations at their concerts around the world to share information on how people can prevent violence and bullying.

Making their ‘DNA’ in International Music

BTS ‘DNA’ in International Music

Image Credits: © BTS_bighit Twitter

BTS' performance of "DNA" at the 2017 American Music Awards was a historic event, impressing famous musicians such as Jared Leto and The Chainsmokers, as well as the large number of people who watched it on television. Additionally, their dedicated fans in the audience played a significant role and made a notable impact during the performance.

The song received mostly positive feedback from music critics, who praised its musical production, sound, and the group's artistic direction. The song has also performed well commercially, particularly in South Korea where the Korean version of the song debuted at number two on the Gaon Digital Chart and number one on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100. 

Won Teen Choice Awards

BTS Teen Choice Awards

Image Credits: © Getty Images | John Shearer

At the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, BTS received multiple honors, including the Choice International Artist award, the Choice Collaboration award for their song with Halsey "Boy With Luv" and their world tour was named the Choice Summer Tour. Their fans, known as the BTS ARMY, also won the Choice Fandom award, which many believe they deserved for their dedication and enthusiastic support for the group.

It was announced that BTS won the Choice International Artist award for the 2nd consecutive year, the other nominees for this category were BLACKPINK, EXO, GOT7, Super Junior, and CNCO, but BTS was the one who took the crown. This achievement demonstrates the sustained popularity and success of the group among the Teen Choice Awards voting audience.

First to have Twitter Unique Emoji

BTS Twitter Emoji

Image Credits: © BTS_bighit Twitter

ARMYs have a strong presence on Twitter and often create popular trending topics related to the group, from pictures of their pets to the celebration of their birthdays. In 2016, BTS was the first K-pop group to have their own Twitter emoji, which appeared when users hashtagged their name. This emoji featured a bulletproof vest, a reference to their Korean name "Bangtan Sonyeondan" which means "bulletproof boy scouts."

In 2017, when BTS performed at the American Music Awards for the first time, fans were given a new emoji that appeared when tweeting #BTSxAMAs, which featured the group's new logo which is still being used today. This logo was part of a rebranding effort for BTS, in which they confirmed that BTS stands for "Beyond the Scene."

Most Followed Korean Twitter Account

BTS Twitter Acc

Image Credits: © BTS_bighit Twitter

As of April 2022, BTS is the most-followed K-pop artist on Twitter with around 45.2 million followers, a significant lead over other K-pop acts. The next most followed group on Twitter is EXO with 12.8 million followers. The majority of the most followed K-pop accounts on Twitter are for groups, with only a small number of individual artists represented.

BTS also has set numerous records with Guinness World Records since their debut in 2013. In the year before your statement, the group broke 13 records, including having the best-selling album in South Korea, staying on the US Hot 100 chart for the most weeks with a K-pop track, and being the most streamed group on Spotify. Additionally, in December of that year, a member of BTS, V, set 2 new records in Guinness by having the fastest-growing Instagram account to reach 1 million and then 10 million followers. These records are a testament to the group's immense popularity and cultural impact.



Image Credits: © Spotify

BTS paved the way for Korean culture to take its place in the world. Experience RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook's performance in a brand new way, as it's been re-edited and remixed for the cinema. BTS’ movie ‘Yet to Come’ is a special cinematic cut that provides new, close-up angles and a different perspective of the entire concert in Busan featuring hit songs from the group's entire career, such as "Dynamite," "Butter," and "IDOL" along with the first concert performance of "Run BTS" from their latest album "Proof."

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