Hey there lovely Seoulmates! As you all know here at SeoulBox, we mainly deal in Korean Subscription Box which are, the Signature box and the Halal box. However today we will shall dive more into details about our boxes so that you have a proper overview of how what does our SeoulBox looks like from the inside! Also. if you are new, let me introduce you to both.

Signature Box

For our Signature Box every month, a new and exciting theme is chosen and from that theme we curate our box by including various savory and sweet snacks that reflect that theme. Each box contains about items, that fall into various categories. Not only does the Signature Box contain snacks but it also contains K-Beauty and K-Pop items as well. This month's theme is amusement park, so get ready for that summer feeling of traveling to an amusement park and eating various snacks while enjoying the feel virtually. 
To make it simple we have the tasting guide for our Signature SeoulBox, where you can have a look at the current month's snacks and goodies available. Refer to the link below:



 Seoulbox V

Our halal box now having a brand new name as SeoulBox V is the vegetarian version of the Signature Box. To better reflect what this box is, we have renewed it this name,(V) meaning veggie. Seoulbox V has the same layout as the Signature Box, it has various snacks, K-Beauty and K-Pop items. The only difference is that the snacks are vegetarian and Halal free. No matter if you are vegetarian for personal reasons, or religious reasons, we believe that everyone should have a chance to try and enjoy delicious snacks from South Korea.

To make it simple we have the tasting guide for our SeoulBox V, where you can have a look at the current month's snacks and goodies available. Refer to the link below:



Both of our boxes, include 16-18 goodies/ products in total including our customized goody and also our K-pop and K-beauty products. We also have our new quarterly based box launched which is our SeoulBox Life! This box includes more of lifestyle items which can be a perfect fit for everyone to feel Summertime In Jeju!

Make sure you do have a look at all of these boxes and buy yourself the best suited soon!! Thank you for making it till here and having a look at our article, as our Seoulmates are the most precious to us, we have a special 4$ discount coupon to offer you on any of the box purchase you make! 

Hurry and claim your SeoulBox now!!!


Author - Rian & Bhagyashree

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