Kep1er Finally Made Their Debut!

Kep1er Finally Made Their Debut!

The girl group that was formed from the survival show Girls Planet 999, has officially debuted on the 3rd of January after postponing their debut. 

Kep1er whose name was inspired by Johannes Kepler who is an astronomer from Germany. The name Kep1er simply means coming together as one to achieve the same dream.  


Their official fandom name was revealed on the show as well as the groups' official colors. Kep1ian, their fandom name has the colors Lavender and Yellow whilst Kep1er’s colors are Lavender and White. 



 As they made their debut, the group released their first mini-album, 'First Impact!' The album was regarded as the No.1 Best-selling K-pop girl group album in all of history as they hit 150,000 sold copies on its first day of sales! 



 The album’s title track, 'Wa Da Da' shows the energetic personality of the members as the song expresses their charms through the lively rhythm. 

 Show them your love and support by listening to their album!

Author: Estella

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