Kdrama Snacks You Can Find in Our Seoulboxes!

Kdrama Snacks You Can Find in Our Seoulboxes!

What do Seoulbox and kdramas have in common? If you said “delicious Korean snacks,” then you’re right! Kdramas introduce viewers worldwide to Korean treats, and Seoulbox delivers different snacks to Seoulmates outside of Korea. Here are kdrama snacks that you can find in our Seoulboxes.

Choco Pie

We’re starting our list with this simple yet delicious snack. A marshmallow sandwiched between two cakes covered with chocolate, Choco Pie (made by both Orion and Lotte) is a classic treat that can be found in many different flavors. We’ve included many of them in our past boxes, including Injeolmi (May 2023), A Basket of Spring (March 2023), and Happy Berry Chocolate (January 2023).

A plate of Choco Pie packages and cookies with box in the background

Image Credits: Made in Korea Minas via Instagram

Choco Pies have appeared in several kdramas: Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul’s romance blooms over shared Pies in Hospital Playlist; Shi-ho secretly eats these snacks in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. However, the most iconic moment comes in Descendants of the Sun, when South Korean soldier Si-jin gives a Choco Pie to North Korean soldier Jung-joon (below). While the show was criticized for blatant product placement, we can't deny it made our mouths water.

A man with blood on face and hands eating a Choco Pie

Image Credits: KBS2 TV via Kpop Herald

Red Ginseng Extract

Another Korean snack that appeared in DOTS was red ginseng extract. Used in traditional medicine, ginseng has several health benefits, including antioxidants and a boosted immune system. As such, it’s mostly taken as a health supplement. We included red ginseng extract in our April 2022 box so our Seoulmates could try it.

A box of red ginseng extract with a stick and hand on top

Image Credits: Healtihabit Singapore via Instagram

In DOTS’ case, the show helped skyrocket sales, as everyone wanted to be strong and healthy like Si-jin. Besides DOTS, this stick appears in Uncontrollably Fond (below), Something in the Rain, and The Heirs. The strong taste might put off some people; however, we encourage you to give it a go. It’s one of the very few snacks we can say is healthy!

A man sucking on a red ginseng extract stick

Image Credits: KBS2 TV via CILISOS

Crunky Choco Balls

If you’re looking for a miniature version of the Crunky chocolate bar, then you’re in luck. Lotte released this little container of square-shaped balls, and we’re obsessed with them! The idea is to control your snacking with the small portions while still getting the explosive flavor. However, we’ll bet a lot of our Seoulmates who got the snack in our December 2022 box ate the whole thing in one sitting!

Containers of Crunky choco balls with snacks scattered about

Image Credits: Goody Goodies via Instagram

With all the sugar in these snacks, the Crunky Choco Balls are the perfect choice for people on the go. It’s a favorite snack of the doctors and staff in Hospital Playlist, and it appears in a romantic moment involving Kyung-ho and Ik-sun. (Seoulmates, if your crush offers you Crunky Choco Balls, take this opportunity to ask them out.)

Kopiko Coffee Candy

What happens if you can’t get a boost from a cup of iced Americano or hot latte? You pop a Kopiko candy in your mouth. Coming from the same company that makes Kopiko Instant Coffee, the candies are available in two flavors, Original and Cappuccino. According to the Kopiko UK website, you’ll get the same amount of caffeine from 4-5 Original sweets that you would get from a cup of espresso.

 Kopiko candy packages with candies and photocards

Image Credits: Anenggofredo via Instagram

Many viewers, including this author, first saw Kopiko candies in Vincenzo as the energizer of choice for the Jipuragi crew (below). Others got their first taste (pun intended) from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. We included the Kopiko Original Coffee Candy in our May 2022 box, and we sincerely apologize if any of our Seoulmates who purchased it got hooked on these sweets!

Note: No English subtitles available


Ah, yes, Pepero. Who can forget about this iconic Korean snack? Its multiple flavors, association with couples, and its very own holiday make Pepero one of the most beloved and lucrative Korean snacks. And you’ll find it in many of our boxes. In fact, we've even had a box themed just around this treat!

Unlike the other snacks on this list, Pepero hasn’t made a big splash in kdramas, except for the sitcom Potato Star (below). However, it’s appeared on reality shows like We Got Married, where couples enter in competitions to see who can finish the Pepero kiss the fastest. It’s not for the faint of heart – we don’t blame you if you decide to just eat the sticks with your significant other.

 Maxim Instant Coffee

Remember the Kopiko candies? Another option if you don’t have hot coffee on you is to make instant coffee using Maxim’s Instant Coffee packets. With several different flavors, including Mocha Gold Mild and Tiramisu Latte, you won’t feel like you’re drinking instant coffee. The creamy texture and sweet taste are better than you’d expect from a packet. We’ve added it to several of our boxes, including both of our Wonka Café boxes (November 2021 and February 2023).

A person's hand holding a Maxim instant coffee packet above a box with more packets

Image Credits: Oppapsie Korean Mart via Instagram

Kdramas aren’t known for subtle PPL, and that’s the case with Maxim coffee. Vincenzo at first turns up his nose at the coffee before giving in and drinking it religiously; Deok-mi makes many cups of the stuff in Her Private Life; and it appears countless times in Shopping King Louis (below). Okay, we got the message. It’s our turn to make a cup of Maxim coffee!

Stills of Louis trying Maxim Gold coffee

Image Credits: MBC via Noona Di

Banana Milk

Our next item is a Korean childhood classic. Binggrae banana milk is a favorite snack for Kpop idols (just ask BTS’ Jungkook) and kdramas. Made from simple ingredients and featuring other fruity flavors, banana milk is a smooth refreshing drink that everyone should try at least once in their life. If you got the Haunted Seoul box (October 2022), then you're already one step ahead.

A person's hand holding a banana milk cup in front of a geometric mural in an alley

Image Credits: Cly via Pinterest

Goblin fans may remember Eun-tak sipping the drink while walking with her drunk Goblin groom (below). And Twenty-Five Twenty-One fans will remember when Yi-jin buys banana milk for Hee-do as a during-practice snack. Don’t let the simple packaging fool you – you’ll fall in love with this drink at first sip.


We end with a beloved snack/meal item: instant ramen, or ramyun. The food for harried office workers and students on a budget, we include ramyun or similar products in each of our boxes. In April 2023’s Korean Dramas box, we included the creamy yet spicy Buldak Cream Carbonara Hot Chicken. We’ve also included noodles from Shin (below), Jin, and other companies.

Due to its cheap price and simplicity (only hot water required), instant ramyun is a great choice for campers (just ask Do Bong-soon’s father). Its mixture of flavors and textures even makes a fan out of arrogant and spoiled Boys Over Flowers lead Gu Jun-pyo! You could go the extra mile and make your own, like Queen Cheorin does in Mr. Queen, but that might be a bit too much for our Seoulmates!

Seoulbox: From Korea with Love

We can’t end a Korean snack blog without a shameless self-promotion. Jokes aside, Seoulbox is the best way to experience Korean food, apart from visiting Korea itself. Each month’s box revolves around a special theme explained in our Seoulzine and contains a mix of hand-curated treats, savory snacks, and at least one K-pop and K-beauty product. July 2023’s theme is Summer Nights, and we hope to pump up your summer night, no matter where you are, with our Seoulbox.

Cover of Summer Nights July 2023 Seoulzine

Image Credits: Seoulbox via Instagram

We have two snack boxes, Signature and V (Vegetarian), and a Lifestyle box (Seoulbox Life) that has its own separate theme. You can purchase them easily by going to “Shop All” and choosing a box and frequency, or by taking the quiz for something more personalized. Whatever you decide, we guarantee a tasty experience. Leave a review and tag us on Instagram to connect with your Seoulbox family!

Opened January 2023 Seoulbox

Image Credits: Paige W via Seoulbox

Have you tried any of these snacks? What did you think of them? Are there other Korean snacks that you first saw in kdramas and fell in love with? Leave us a comment below, along with your favorite series and recommendations for new viewers.

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