KBS Banned 3 Songs on BTS’s New Album PROOF Ahead of Release

KBS Banned 3 Songs on BTS’s New Album PROOF Ahead of Release


KBS review is in and ARMYs are shocked to discover that the broadcast station pre-emptively banned 3 of BTS’s new songs from their new album PROOF. On June 8th it was reported that the first two tracks to be prohibited from playing on the station channels are ‘Born Singer’ and 달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)’.

Unsurprisingly, the network's reasoning is simply down to both songs containing profanities and vulgar words. ‘For Youth’ is still under consideration due to the first 30 seconds of the song containing vocals from the background noise of singing in an arena and the lyrics being sung are not included in the track’s official lyrics, a unique excuse in and of itself. 

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This is a minor roadblock for the album's release for 10th June, as KBS is one of the biggest broadcasting networks in Korea. However, respite can be  found in the comfort that the title track ‘Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ is safe and deemed  permissible by the network. Despite this, projections for the album’s overall success are still high with fans and professionals in the industry hoping the album to top the charts and break more consecutive records for Bangtan.

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KBS may have banned some tracks, but ARMYs are reverent if not determined. Excitement over the new release from BTS is sparking listening parties, fan-organized charity events and more in the anticipation of the release of the album and title track. It’d take an apocalyptic event for ARMY to abandon listening and showing their support to BTS.

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That’s just the unrelenting power of ARMY. Netizens speak of how this reminds them of BTS’s old days as it has been a while since we heard BTS use explicit language in their music. It’s freeing and cathartic in a way. Also, a little bit cheeky!

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Regardless of this unforeseen ban, ARMYs will still be streaming and buying the album to their hearts content, and we are both harrowed and excited by the prospect of even more records being woven into the fabric of BTS’s history. The only way is up for the 7 members.

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