Kang Daniel's US TV Debut on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Kang Daniel's US TV Debut on the Kelly Clarkson Show


Kang Daniel blows up the Kelly Clarkson show with a riveting performance of his song ‘Parade’ which features on his first full-length album ‘The Story’.

For those who don’t know who Kang Daniel is, first; that needs to change and second, here’s a refresher.

Kang Daniel is a singer-actor-multi-talented entrepreneur who rose to fame following his triumph in 1st place in Produce 101’s second season. As a former member of Wanna One, Kang is now a successful soloist, who just made it to the US.

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During his appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show, the host commended Kang for his dozens of awards and for ‘‘becoming one of the most successful K-pop solo acts to date’’.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

With a performance that stunned the crowd and left audience members feeling faint at his killer vocals and smooth stage performance, we’re calling this US TV debut one to remember. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kang is called back for more in the US after this. If you weren’t a fan before, well you are now!

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