K-Pop Idols Who Are Global Fashion Ambassadors!

K-Pop Idols Who Are Global Fashion Ambassadors!

Korean artists dazzle us with their hypnotic vocals, mesmerizing dance moves, and amazing visuals. So it's no surprise that big fashion companies have chosen them to endorse their brands. Here are some K-pop idols who are global fashion ambassadors for clothing, makeup, and accessory companies.


First up is Italian fashion house Gucci, famous for its handbags, shoes, and suits. And who better to represent them than EXO's Kai? Famous for his electrifying dancing and sharp sense of style, he was named Gucci's first Korean Eyewear Men Global Ambassador in 2019. The following year, he became the company's Global Brand Ambassador.

Kai leaning on podium standing in front of red background

Image Credits: Gucci via Instagram

IU is another K-pop idol who endorses Gucci. First appointed as the brand ambassador to South Korea in 2020, she became their Global Brand Ambassador in 2022. She's worn and carried Gucci products to various events, including a stunning dress at the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

IU wearing Gucci dress at Cannes Film Festival

ÔĽŅImage Credits:¬†ÔĽŅGucci via Instagram

Also in 2022, NewJeans member Hanni joined the ranks of ambassadors, making a splashy debut at Milan Fashion Week in 2023. Not only is she a talented idol, but she's killing it with the suits and bags.

NewJeans' Hanni for Gucci

Image Credits: Gucci via Instagram 

Also this year, Hanni became the first K-pop Global Brand Ambassador for Giorgio Armani Beauty.

NewJeans' Hanni for Giorgio Armani Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent

This French haute-couture brand has some recognizable names endorsing its products. Blackpink's Rosé made history as its first Global Brand Ambassador in almost 60 years in 2020, attending the 2021 Met Gala as the guest of the brand's creative director. In January 2021, she was named the newest muse for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. 

Blackpink Rose for YSL

Image Credits: Yves Saint Laurent via Instagram

Another YSL Beauty muse? Kai. The idol made a memorable appearance in a 2022 video for Marie Claire, exhibiting suave movements and smouldering looks that outshined the expensive makeup.

And we can't forget NewJeans' Danielle, who joined the YSL Beauty family in March 2023. While this isn't her first brand endorsement (more on that later), it's one that suits her youthful yet confident features.

NewJeans Danielle for YSL Beauty

Image Credits: Vogue Korea via Allkpop

Louis Vuitton

ÔĽŅAnother iconic French brand,¬†LV is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of luxury handbags or shoes. Two of BTS' members serve as its brand ambassadors.

First is Jin, who was named the showstopper at the Fall-Winter Collection 2021 for Men, an event that his fellow members also attended.

Jin for Louis Vuitton  

 Image Credits: Louis Vuitton via DA MAN Magazine

In February of this year, Jin's bandmate J-Hope also became LV's House Ambassador.

J-Hope for Louis Vuitton

Image Credits: Louis Vuitton via Instagram

A month before, in January, GOT7 rapper Jackson Wang joined Louis Vuitton.

Jackson Wang for Louis Vuitton

Image Credits: Louis Vuitton via Instagram

Finally, NewJeans' Hyein became the brand's youngest ambassador in early 2023, making her first appearance at Paris Fashion Week in March.

NewJeans Hyein for Louis Vuitton

Image Credits: Louis Vuitton via Harper's Bazaar Singapore


This classy company boasts a few familiar-looking models, including two members of the YG Entertainment family. Big Bang leader G-Dragon has been the brand's ambassador since 2016, showcasing bags, shoes, and outfits.

G-Dragon for Chanel

Image Credits: Chanel via Allkpop

Blackpink leader Jennie joined the Chanel House in 2019. A fan of the brand since childhood, she's often called the "Human Chanel." Jennie owns more than a few Chanel items and even wore one of its swimsuits in her "Solo" music video.

Jennie for Chanel

Image Credits: Chanel via Instagram

Are you ready for another NewJeans member? Minji is a Chanel brand ambassador as of this year.

Minji on the cover of Elle for Chanel

Image Credits: ELLE via Soompi


From one French house to another. Dior is represented by a few formidable K-pop stars. Blackpink member Jisoo is one of them; as seen in her solo debut "Flower", this beautiful singer has a close relationship with Dior that spans everything from dresses to makeup.

Jisoo for Dior

Image Credits: Dior Beauty and Dior via Instagram

Next we have actress-singer Bae Suzy. She's only been Dior's brand ambassador since 2022. However, she earned the nickname "Human Dior" back in 2020 due to her personal promotions of the brand. 

Bae Suzy for Dior

Image Credits: Dior via Twitter

Moving on to male idols. EXO's Sehun became the first Man of Dior Global Ambassador in 2021.

Sehun for Dior

Image Credits: Esquire via Soompi

And BTS' Jimin became Dior's next Global Ambassador in January 2023.

Jimin for Dior

ÔĽŅImage Credits:¬†ÔĽŅJimin via Instagram


Home to French luxury scents and styles, Givenchy also houses some of the most fashionable idols. As of January 2023, Big Bang member Taeyang is the first Korean male artist to become its Global Brand Ambassador.

Taeyang for Givenchy

Image Credits: W Korea via Givenchy on Instagram

Do you know the first Korean artists to join Givenchy (in 2022)? If you guessed "Aespa," then you're correct!

Aespa for Givenchy

Image Credits: Givenchy via Instagram 


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Let's shift gears and look at a British company. Burberry is best known for its outerwear and bags, and Baekhyun (vocal powerhouse for EXO, EXO-CBX, and SuperM) is one of its ambassadors.

Baekhyun for Burberry

Image Credits: Harper's Bazaar via Kpopmap

Remember how we mentioned Danielle had another brand endorsement? That's right, it's for Burberry!

Danielle for Burberry

Image Credits: Vogue Korea via NewJeans on Instagram

Tiffany & Co.

Moving on to jewelry-focused brands. Rosé returns with Tiffany & Co., whose brand ambassador she's been since 2021. 

Rose for Tiffany and Co.

Image Credits: Tiffany & Co. via Instagram

Jimin also became part of the brand in March 2023, showing off elegant pieces during this year's Paris Fashion Week.

Jimin for Tiffany & Co.

Image Credits: Tiffany & Co. via Instagram


Next up: Cartier. Synonymous with sophistication, its brand ambassadors include Jisoo, who we've already established is graceful and chic...

Jisoo for Cartier

Image Credits: Cartier via Instagram

And "Magic Man" Jackson Wang, whose fashion sense is as artistic as his music.

Jackson Wang for Cartier

Image Credits: Jackson Wang via Twitter


Let's finish this trio with Celine. Blackpink's Lisa became this company's Global Ambassador in 2020, the same year she joined Bulgari. A muse since 2019, Lisa has appeared at several events promoting Celine with her fellow ambassadors, including actor Park Bo-gum and BTS' "Gucci Boy."

Lisa for Celine

Image Credits: Lisa via Instagram

Yes, V is an official Global Ambassador for Celine, joining in March 2023 after months of speculation. The first promotional images were stunning, and we can't wait to see more.

V for Celine

Image Credits: V via Instagram


BTS rapper Suga has a full schedule this year: his show "Suchwita"; latest album "D-DAY"; and upcoming world tour. However, he still became the newest brand ambassador for Italian company Valentino in January 2023.

Suga for Valentino

Image Credits: Valentino via Instagram


Fellow Italian brand Fendi also has a K-pop rapper as its Global Ambassador. Having completed his military service, Block B leader Zico joined the company in May 2022.

Zico for Fendi

Image Credits: Fendi via L'Officiel

Bottega Veneta

BTS leader RM can't be left out. He is the first celebrity to be named brand ambassador for Bottega Veneta, a brand whose items he's worn on several occasions. 

RM for Bottega Veneta

Image Credits: Bottega Veneta via Vogue

Calvin Klein

Last but not least, BTS' Golden Maknae left ARMYs in a frenzy this year, following his naming as Calvin Klein's newest Global Ambassador and subsequent photoshoots. In each image, Jungkook shows off his charms and cheekiness, making him the perfect model for this brand.

Jungkook for Calvin Klein

Image Credits: Calvin Klein via Instagram

No matter the company, these K-pop idols prove that they will serve and deliver. Whether it's a shade of lipstick or type of luxury bag, you can bet your bias will slay the style.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Is there a brand you think your idol/group should endorse next? Let us know below!

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