K-pop Idols Who Are Feminists & Support Feminist Movements

K-pop Idols Who Are Feminists & Support Feminist Movements


In conjunction with International Women’s Day today, we would like to speak about Korean idols who have been vocal about their support towards feminism. 

Women’s rights are quite recent in Korea compared to the western countries. Though the law has freely implied that all genders should have equal treatment, some cultural practices are still not changed in Korea.

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Most female idols are criticized and being looked down upon when fans find out about their support towards Feminism. Here are the idols are having been considered or openly spoken about feminism.

  • Irene from Red Velvet

During a fan sign event, Irene was asked what book has she been reading lately and she suggested “Kim Ji Young, born 1982” which is a book about feminism. 



This stirred up controversy online where male fans began to resent her and destroyed her merchandise as well as burning her photo cards. 

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In an interview, she was also asked the question of which book she has been interested in lately and she mentioned the same book. She also said that the book is one of the best-selling novels at the time. 

  • Naeun from Apink 

In a photo posted on her Instagram account, she was seen holding her phone with the phone case showing the phrase “Girls Can Do Anything” which sparked controversy among the fans. 

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As the phrase is connected to feminism, netizens began speaking about her and her possible association with feminism. She then deleted the photos to avoid any commotion. 

The item is from a French brand, Zadig and Voltaire. The phrase is used to describe mothers, sisters, friends, and the talented women in their company. It is to celebrate the strength and creativity each woman has.

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  • Tiffany from Girls Generation 

Students from Ewha Women’s University performed the song "Into the New World'' which is sung by Girls Generation. 

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During an interview with W Korea, Tiffany brought up the performance while mentioning that it was a proud moment for Girls Generation as in this current time where we need more messages of empowering women, their song was used in this age of feminism.

  • Joy from Red Velvet 

She posted a picture on her Instagram account wearing a t-shirt with the words “We All Should Be Feminists.” 

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Fans made a conclusion that she might be a feminist because the photo isn’t the only obvious clue. Joy previously liked posts that criticized the patriarchal system of Korea. 

  • Yeeun from Wonder Girls

In an interview, she openly spoke about how she should not hide or feel humiliated about being a feminist. 



She has also exposed an anti-feminist Youtuber on her Instagram story making her voice heard that she is strong on her feminist support. 

Do you know of any other idols who support feminism? Leave a comment down below!  

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