K-Pop Comeback News in April

K-Pop Comeback News in April

A new month means a new comeback, April is here and here’s a list of few comebacks that we are looking forward to!


MAMAMOO's Wheein has revealed another MV teaser for her solo release.
Wheein released a teaser video for the title song “Water Color” of her first solo mini album “Redd”, Water Color is an attractive song with a deep addiction with the addition of Wheein's tickling yet rich vocals on the trendy beat based on new jack swing. The artist's first solo mini album will be released on April 13 at 6 pm KST.




SEVENTEEN confirms April comeback in Japan.
SEVENTEEN has officially announced the amazing news of their Japanese comeback in April 21. Their company Pledis Entertainment revealed the news on the group’s official website and SNS accounts on February 2, 2021, sharing that SEVENTEEN will be coming back with their Japanese single “Hitori Janai” which roughly translates to, “I Am Not Alone” OR “You Are Not Alone”. The track is about the courage and determination of young people, as they stand at the starting line pursuing their dreams. It will also convey SEVENTEEN's desire to meet fans in person quickly.



ENPHYEN are gearing up for their first – ever comeback!

BELIFT LAB, ENHYPEN’s agency disclosed to Newsen that Enhypen is preparing for a comeback on 26th of April, Enhypen is a rookie boy group formed in 2020on a survival show called ‘I-LAND’. A trailer titled "Intro: The Invitation" was released on April 5, announcing that their second extended play Border: Carnival will be released on April 26 this will be group’s first-ever comeback.




NCT DREAM is returning with their very first full-length album!

On April 12 at midnight KST, the group dropped their very first teaser for their upcoming first full-length album. It’s like “ NCTzens’’ dream is coming true soon! As it will be Mark’s first appearance after more than 2 years since “WE GO UP” with NCT DREAM. The highly awaited albums will be released on May 10 KST, however Mark’s return to the group was an ongoing discussion last year. This upcoming comeback is titled as ‘’HOT SAUCE”. A total of 10 tracks will be included in the album, with pre-orders stating from April12.



People all around the world, even those who aren’t fans of K-pop, acknowledge South Korean artists for both their musical abilities, In today’s generation K-POP has the world’s largest domination. Although many international fans of K-pop have already broadened their music tastes more than the average person.
Here is some of the music recently released:



  • Release Date: On Friday, April 2, 2021. 
  • Minutes of the Song: The total minute of the song is 4:00 Minutes. 
  • Which Artist: BTS ( Bangtan Sonyeondan)

Meaning of the Song: Now that "Film Out" has finally arrived, ARMYs are loving the emotional story the song tells. It's about a past relationship that the boys remember fondly, but that person has slipped away and they now long for the times they spent together. According to the Japan Times, the characters in SIGNAL grieve over their lost ones, so the "Film Out" lyrics definitely align with the plots in the film.
"It’s talking about someone who is there but at the same time isn’t, someone who was there. Someone they lost but still haven’t let them go because they still live inside them, like the heart projecting something that’s not longer there but unable to accept it.
Check out the video below and you'll understand what they're talking about.




  • Release Date: On Wednesday, March 17, 2021.
  • Minutes of the Song: The total minute of the song is 3:22 Minutes.
  • Which Artist: Jessica Hyun-Ju Ho (Jessi)

Meaning of the Song: The singer-rapper noted that “the most crucial thing” for her is self-love and how important it was for ‘What Type Of X’ to reflect that. “I am a woman of strong mentality and for me, loving myself is the most crucial thing. If you do not love yourself, nobody will do so. On top of that, you have to be surrounded by people who give off positive vibes,” she said. “Through the song, I want to tell people to be more confident and hope they remember that being different is not wrong.”





  • Release Date: On Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
  • Minutes of the Song: The total minute of the song is 2:35 Minutes.
  • Which Artist: Park Chan-Yeol (Chanyeol)


Meaning of the Song: Chanyeol prepared “Tomorrow” for his fans before enlisting in the military, and it is a minimal acoustic pop song with candid lyrics about one’s future. It is a self-written soulful track, where sings about his feelings and the anxious feeling of waiting for an answer while being hopeful for a Tomorrow.
Chanyeol may be in military now but his fans are definitely happy with all the content that he is providing/prepared.




2021 is just right around the corner and every year there are numerous amounts of K-Pop groups, which make their debut. If you are curious to learn the groups which had made their debut in 2021 check out the below list.



Hot Issue is an upcoming seven-member girl group under S2 Entertainment. They are going to debut on April 28, 2021, with the mini album “ISSUE MAKER”.
Their group name stands as an abbreviation of "Honest, Outstanding and Terrific" + "Issue". The group was created by S2 Entertainment some would also know that the CEO of the entertainment company had previously worked under JYP and Cube Entertainment and the former chairman is Hong Seung Sung.




You probably know Big Hit from their superstar groups BTS & TXT — but soon we’ll have even more groups from the label. Bighit Japan Boy Group (Temporary name) is an upcoming Jpop boy group under Big Hit Japan. They are currently holding auditions to add additional members to the group. They are set to debut in 2021. When the first round of I-Land finished out its season, many fans were disappointed that their favorite trainees didn’t get selected for the final group that became ENHYPEN. However, Big Hit has released plans to debut a Japanese pop boy group with some of the trainees that were eliminated from the show. Including K, Nicholas, Taki, EJ, and Kyungmin. 




Purple Kiss is a 7-member girl group under RBW Entertainment. Girl group were formed by Rainbow Bridge World, they debuted on March 15, 2021 with the title track Ponzona. Prior to that, Purple Kiss released the pre-debut song My Heart Skip A Beat on Nov 26, 2020. The seven members of PURPLE KISS are: Jieun, Goeun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein, and Swan.



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