K-Drama: Smiles, Cries, and Cravings

K-Drama: Smiles, Cries, and Cravings

K-Drama and food are inseparable. You must agree, right? Behind all the emotional waves of smiles and tears, there’s always an episode of people sharing a meal. What a heart-warming scene Side effect: the more you binge-watch K-Dramas, the more you want to binge on Korean foods! Here are 5 dishes to satisfy your cravings.


Often, the characters can’t resist their love for Tteokbokki and end up devouring the whole dish. Soft rice cake drenched in sweet and spicy sauce, taste this addictive Korean soul food through your Tteokbokki Almonds!


As you might know well, Ramyun is the main culprit of your sudden midnight hunger while binge-watching Korean dramas. It has a special meaning in Korea; it’s a food of the everyday person, of the good old days, and occasionally, of seductions. (‘Do you want to eat Ramyun?’ translates into ‘Netflix and chill, shall we?’)


Korean fried chicken – It's impossible to miss this! Once you hear the crispy sound, K-Dramas turn into delightful torture. K-BBQ is a symbol of sharing moments Imagine the scene of a family or lovers feeding each other a wrap – grilled meat pieces, roasted garlic slices and Ssamjang in fresh lettuce leaves.



Q: How to describe an unpleasant encounter in a typical K-Drama?

 A: The beginning of a relationship

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