K-Drama Review Blog: Extraordinary Attorney Woo!

K-Drama Review Blog: Extraordinary Attorney Woo!


One of the recent most watched K-dramas has an exciting story plot to it. Like every K-drama, we look for a pinch of romance in it, but this heartfelt drama has more to it. The quality of friendship and work-related measures are showcased throughout the series.

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This drama is not only popular in South Korea but has also made its debut worldwide! Extraordinary Attorney Woo has ranked #1 as the most watched non-English series on Netflix! With millions of viewers, the series gained the highest ratings in ENA history!

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The story is about Woo Young Woo, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and is an aspiring lawyer. Despite her flaws, she has an impressive memory and incredible creative thought process. On top of that, she is gifted with a high IQ, but Woo Young Woo struggles with daily interactions. 

We also get a pinch of romance as Young Woo falls in love with Joon-ho, an employee at the law firm. Their awkward but adorable relationship garnered the hearts of many as it shows that love has no boundaries. With patience and perseverance, they displayed their most profound emotions for each other. 

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Reasons to watch:

  • We will be able to understand the life of someone with this disorder, someone who can be highly intelligent but suffers from social skills and communication differences. 
  • Different approach to romance! Not an average love story; therefore, it is much more enjoyable.
  • Series of different court cases in each episode, which gives you the anticipation to look forward to the next! 
  • The atmosphere of the movie is somewhat quirky than serious; you will be able to enjoy a little sense of humor throughout the legal proceedings.

Lessons learned:

  • It teaches us a thing or two about how basic skills allow us to have a closer relationship or understanding with co-workers or even friends. 
  • It directs humans to be kinder and compassionate to people like Young Woo. 
  • That love has no limits; we learn that we can overcome differences through love.
  • Do not underestimate one’s ability. Moreover, never judge a book by its cover.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is worth the watch; it doesn’t offer you a cliché plot but rather a coherent, warm story. In a world full of questions and doubts, this series will offer you a more comprehensive view of life!

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About the author: Suji was studying in London in the year 2019 and, although being separated from her family, her passion for Korea was growing. She noticed that a lot of her close friends loved Korean culture, food, music, and dramas and gradually started to fall in love with Korea, but there weren't many opportunities to actually "experience" this wonderful nation!

Suji was aware of what she needed to do to introduce Korea to her friends' lives and, conceivably, to those of everyone else who was curious about a piece of Daehan Min-guk.

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