June is here SeoulMates!!! Which means its another month of new k-dramas debuting as well as our favorites returning for another season. Let's take a look a t what June has in store for us.

 Drama - Penthouse Season 3

Starting off with a rollercoaster of series, Penthouse returns for its 3rd and final season on June 4th. Going by the finale for season 2, viewers are definitely in for more of the shocking and heartbreaking moments that this series is known to deliver. How this series will end, is anyone's guess. 


Drama - Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce 2

 Season 2 of the drama featuring Sung Hoon, Park Joo- Mi, Lee Tae-Gon, Kim Bo- Yeon, Lee Min- Young and Lee Ga-Ryeong returns on June 12. It will continue to reveal the lives of 3 different couples at various ages. These couples have to face various issues that trouble their seemingly perfect relationships.


Drama - At A Distance, Spring Is Green

Beginning June 14th,Park Ji-Hoon, Kang Min-Ah, and Lee Shin-Young will star in this new romance drama. Based on the webtoon, this drama will focus on their very different lives as university students and the various problems that plague them.


Drama - Monthly House

Yoo Ja-Sung, Jung So-Min and Jung Gun- Joo are the leads of this new drama that premieres on the 16th. Monthly House's story revolves around the individuals that that work at a home magazine.


Drama - Hospital Playlist Season 2

Hospital Playlist returns for its second season with the same cast as the previous one. It will continue to revolve around the lives of the doctors that work at the same hospital.


 Drama - So No Worth It

 Arriving on June 18 is So Not Worth It. A sitcom comedy About an international dorm in Korea. This will star Shin Hyun- Seung, Han Hyun-Min and even Got7's Choi Young-Jae. Going by the trailer it looks like it will be a rather quirky and fun show to watch.

Drama - Voice 4: Judgement Hour

 Voice returns with its 4th season on June 18th. Voice centers around the employees who work at N emergency call center and how they use solve crimes by using what they hear. Season 4 will be about a serial killer who has enhanced hearing and uses that ability to commit his crimes.

 Drama - Nevertheless

Finally we have Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So-Hee, which premieres on June 19th. This will be a romantic drama focusing on 2 art school university students.

 What new drama are you most excited for? Leave your comments!!

Author - Rian Kinnard

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