JJCC, What Happened To Them?

JJCC, What Happened To Them?


JJCC – 제이제이씨씨 a K-pop boy band that was created with a purpose to unite Asia to the rest of the world throughout their music. It was formed under the Jackie Chan Group Korea and actually managed by the movie star itself.

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E.co, Eddy, SimBa, San-Cheong and Prince Mak where the first 5 original members of the band and later joined by Yul and Zica. JJCC made their debut in March 2014 with their first single ‘At First’. So far they have released two mini albums and four singles.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Curious Facts:

  • Their name stands for ‘Jackie Chan Joint Cultures’ and can be translated as ‘Jackie Chan, let’s spread K-pop’
  • Their name pronunciation ‘Double-JC’ stands for ‘Let’s create double the joy’

Since 2017 the band has been in hiatus, and Prince Mak is no longer part of the band, but stated that while he is not signed to JJCC's Korean agency, he still considers himself to be a member.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

They made a slight comeback on 2020 with the song 쯕이네 (JJUK'S HOUSE)’, a song described as:

“This song is about us finally reuniting with our fans and we express our feelings and thoughts within our lyrics with our unique sound so please listen to it a lot”

As a fan of the actor and a KEY myself, I hope to see them comeback and continue delivering their great music!

Meanwhile enjoy one of their hits!

JJCC (제이제이씨씨) - Fire(질러)

Let us know if you knew about the existence of this K-pop band!

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