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As may or may not know, there is coffee shop in Busan that is owned by Jimin’s dad, it is called Cafe Magnate, opened in 2019.

(Picture: Credit to the rightful owner)

At first sight you can see it is quite big, stylish, luxurious, and lovely decorated, but besides its owner, what makes more special is their subtle relation with BTS.

(Picture: Credit to the rightful owner)

(Picture: Credit to the rightful owner)

(Picture: Credit to the rightful owner)

It has in display some hats and caps belonging to Jimin, the music on the background is always from the band. Recently new item has been added to the cafe, ARMY can now find some caps and bucket hat from Jungkook.

(Picture: Credit to the rightful owner)

Another curiosity of the coffee shop is that usually owners have enough employees to do all the work, but in this case, you can see how the humbleness of Jimin’ dad by also working and helping in the shop.

It is a must for every BTS fan to visit it, even if you are not and you simply love coffee you should go and visit if you have the opportunity.


If you already had the opportunity to go, share with us your experience below!

Author: Aldo


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