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Mochi has always had a passion for dance, it became one of his goals since he was younger and got support from one of his teachers, which was the one who suggested him to audition with an entertainment company to accomplish his dream as a dancer.  Jimin became a trainee under the record label Big Hit Entertainment.

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

He continued studying and training at the same time to accomplish that goal and later become an important member of BTS. Once a member of the K-pop band, debuting on 2013 ARMY was able to see his potential and admire his dancing and singing skills.

(Picture: Credits to the rightful owner)

Many of us have curiosity of how they were before becoming idols, and recently some videos have surfaced once again with more strength showing how was Jimin on his pre-debut, and how talented he has always been.



On another video we can see him on a dance off:

Compilation of some of his pre-debut moments:



Complete dance battle:

Have you seen these videos before? Let us know what you think about Mochi’s evolution!

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