Jeong Sewoon Making Long Awaited Comeback with ‘Where is My Garden’

Jeong Sewoon Making Long Awaited Comeback with ‘Where is My Garden’


A year has passed since Jeong Sewoon made a comeback, but this is changing in 2022. The South Korean singer and songwriter is making his comeback with ‘Where is My Garden’, something that has Haengwoon jumping of excitement.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

This will be the artist’s 5th Mini Album, with ‘Roller Coaster’ as the title track. The album has a total of six songs:

  • Garden
  • Roller Coaster (Title Track)
  • 03 10
  • Book
  • Nerdy
  • Pull me down (with

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

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Roller Coaster was composed by Jeong and presents to us an actual roller coaster of feelings once we listen to the song. The song is so catchy that there is going a trend on TikTok with it: #RoallerCoasterChallenge, which was shared on the artist official TikTok account, and replicated by his fans.


@official.jeongsewoon 레몬사탕 코스터 🎢🍋 (with. #인피니트 #성종 선배님)#RollerCoasterchallenge#러코스터챌린지#정운 #JEONGSEWOON #Where_is_my_Garden#RollerCoaster #롤러코 ♬ Roller Coaster - JEONG SEWOON


Jeong Sewoon – Roller Coaster

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