Jackson Wang Prepares for “The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022”

Jackson Wang Prepares for “The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022”


#Magicman Jackson Wang has been preparing for the live opening of At The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022, which is taking place on 12th July 2022 at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok Thailand.

This will be a match between Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC. Jackson Wang's upcoming performance at the Cup would mark the Chinese born singer’s first live performance since Coachella 2022.

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Jackson Wang's motto is “Let’s make history” and he did really make history being one of the best and most productive idols as a singer, dancer, rapper, designer, producer and composer and a previous fencing champion!

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He was also crowned as the first Chinese singer to sing on Coachella's main stage. He performed back then with labelmates from 88rising, and performed his songs: “100 Ways”, “Blow” and “Cruel.”

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Jackson Wang shared in a thread on his official Twitter account, like a series of almost seven videos for him preparing for the opening performance, and it seems that he’ll be performing something which is full of energy as the seven videos in the thread had him spinning and doing aerial flips.

You can still get the tickets via Thaiticketmajor and attend Jackson Wang's live red world opening performance, along with watching the historic match.

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

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