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It’s J-hope day all over the world! Fans took months to prepare for this special day and got the coverage on what gifts Army’s have for J-hope this year!


In Ukraine, fans have put together an ice sculpture carved out to the tiny tans figure of J-hope. It is said he is the first idol to ever receive such gifts!



Not only that, but Ukrainian fans also put up congratulatory messages on Europe’s biggest LED screen in conjunction with his birthday. It is located in a large shopping mall in Kiev. 



In Algeria, fans hosted a donation drive to help children who are diagnosed with leukemia. The event is called #GiveHopeForChildren



In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a large LED screen on the Olympia Mall will be showcasing videos of the idol for a whole week! It is the biggest mall in the city!



All over Japan, there are LED screens displaying videos of J-hope! 8 different ads in 8 different cities!



The projects keep getting bigger in Kyrgyzstan! A 30-meter-long atrium screen will display the visuals of J-hope at midnight on the 18th!


South Korea

Moving over to South Korea, in Sinchon there is an installation spelling out “Hope World” where LED lights surround the area making it as colorful as his mixtape cover. Next to it is a globe indicating it is Hope World! 

This project was hosted by Chinese fans!



Besides that, Korea’s subway stations are filled with photos of J-hope! Even buses are covered with his face!





Hitting too close to home, in Gwangju near the dance studio he used to go to is a poster of him. 



Happy 29th Birthday Jung Ho-seok! Hope you enjoyed the gifts!

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Heyy jhope I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and that army loves you very very much anyways enjoy this special day!!💜💜🎂 :))

Ibis | February 18, 2022

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