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During BTS’s excursion to the US to meet President Joe Biden, as expected, our Tannies have been engaging in various activities in their down-time. From Jungkook and PinkSw$ats blowing up TikTok, to V and Jin golfing, we’ve been enjoying seeing the 7 members enjoy themselves whilst across the pond.

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A recent development originating directly from the king of Instagram aesthetic, J-hope’s Instagram, has shown ARMY’s an unexpected meeting between the dance line and Grammy award winning H.E.R.

In an Instagram story thread, J-hope poises his camera ready to capture H.E.R in an attempt to top Jungkook’s score on the punching bag machine. It can be heard that J-hope and the rest of 3J are hollering and hyping H.E.R up before she takes her very impressive swing, testing Jungkook’s reign as high scorer. Though we could only see his arm of tattoo’s, we know our Maknae when we see him (and even when we don’t)

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

After a week's long silence on his Instagram, that culminated in a full deletion of all post’s and highlights on his Instagram page, to then witness the cute and chaotic journey of him posting and re-posting his new aesthetic, it was more than a delight to see a return of Jungkook to our screens. And Jimin too!

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Perhaps notorious for forgetting his log-in, with many believing humorously that he deleted the app, Jimin is shockingly the least active of Bangtan on Instagram. With ARMY’s trending #whereisjimin and #imissjimin whenever weeks go by without a peep from our Mochi, it makes it all the more glorious and sometimes emotional when we see him return to our screens.

Even more so when we see him in the context of having fun with his members. ARMY’s are thankful to J-hope.

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From shooting baskets alongside H.E.R, who BTS had the pleasure of meeting again at this year’s Grammy awards, with both being esteemed nominated artists, it of course sent shockwaves across the internet to witness the trio go up against each other side-by-side with J-hope as their camera man. 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

And that’s not all the mischief they seemed to have gotten up to. In a 6-slide post again from J-Hope, we can also see that BTS (we can assume all the members) went to dinner too. A rambunctious video of a flamed baked Alaska with Jin’s amusing deadpan to J-hope’s off-screen antics, to our small and precious Jimin embracing a huge tub of beer. And was that a glimpse of Chris Martin intellectually engaging with our president and Leader Namjoon?

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner) 

We ARMY’s have surely been fed generously with this social media update, and it’s all thanks to our sunshine-dance-king, everyone’s hope, J-Hope.

BTS’s trip to the US has officially come to an end, and we can only assume they had a restful stay. We wish them all the strength and courage for their soon-approaching comeback. Look forward to PROOF and the rest of their comeback schedule. Fighting!

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SCOTT WYCOFF | June 18, 2022

HER 누군지 모르겠지만 우리 사랑하는 애들이 시간을 즐리게 보내서 기뻐~

희나 | June 08, 2022

So cool. HER is so pretty

Toni | June 08, 2022

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